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Only 5% have had sex on plane but 78% of people would like to join ‘mile high club’

Are you a member of the mile high club? In a survey of over 11,000 people, only 5% said they had sex in an airplane. But 78% are keen to do so, and only 17% said they are not interested.

Technically speaking, it’s not really the “mile high club” as a plane cruises at 37,000 feet, which is seven miles. At one mile (5,280 feet), you’re well into final approach, flaps are being deployed, and a few minutes later, so will the landing gear. Hardly the right time for a quickie when the cabin crew are asking you to open the blind and fold your tray table.

But the concept remains – i.e. sex on the plane. And here, surveyed an international audience of 11,179 people to ask the following on sex on a plane:

  • Would like to
  • No way
  • Already done it

For those who already did, these follow up questions were also asked:

  • Where did you have sex on a plane?
  • Who did you have sex with?
  • Was it day time or night time?
  • How long did sex last? (intercourse, not foreplay)
  • What was the airline name?
  • What was the type of plane?
  • Did you get caught?
  • Share any other comments

Five percent of the respondents have had sex in an airplane. And while 78% are keen to do so, too, 17% said they are not interested.

Who was it with?

18% of sex on a plane occurred with a member of staff. But don’t think it’s risk free since 14% of people having sex with a member of staff got caught.

37% are couples traveling together, which is the highest result but far from a majority.

30% are strangers, which is not exactly surprising, since if you travel alone, you may pay more attention to the person you’re sitting next too.

15% of sex is with friends. If you consider that 78% of people want to fulfill this fantasy, it’s not surprising that friends talk about the idea and then go for it.

Where did you have sex?

There are not that many location variations on a plane, it’s a receptive arrangement of seats, toilets, galleys and just one cockpit. On some larger aircraft, there’s a secret door leading to crew cabins, but there were no claims of sex from this location so they are not included in the results.

59% of people had sex in the toilet, which is not surprising as it’s the most private location on a plane, although one of the most cramped. 13% of people who had sex in the toilet were caught.

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31% had sex in their seat and 14% of them were caught.

Now it’s really started to get high risk. 9% of respondents claim to have had sex in the kitchen/galley and 21% of them were caught.

Some responders claimed to have sex in the cockpit of plane. By cross referencing ‘plane type’/‘who was it with data’ and ‘Any other comments’, it was discovered that the vast majority of these were private jets or light aircraft. This poses the highest risk of getting caught at 27%.

Type of plane

The survey wanted to determine if more sex occurred on larger planes with two isles vs. smaller, single isle planes. There are many more single isle planes in active service than larger variants. The results have not been weighted for fleet size.

Without weighting, double isle planes are more popular, at 55% vs 45% for single isle. From a recent Boeing commercial aircraft outlook report the world market has x3 single isle VS double isle, making double isle planes the clear choice for most passengers. If you want to get down to the model of choice it’s a Boeing 747, with not much separating the Boeing 777/787 and Airbus A380 for second place.

Time of day

The participants were asked if they had sex during the day or night to understand if it was easier when the majority of passengers were asleep. Night flights were the most popular at 68% and day flights scored 32%. Interestingly, a higher percentage of people were caught having sex on night flights.

How long did it last?

The international average was around the 16 minute mark. The majority of people had sex that lasted 10 minutes.

Getting caught!

What happens if you get caught? Statistically speaking, most people don’t. 86% get away with it and 14% are caught in the act. Of that 14% some are discovered by fellow passages, others by staff.

To sum up, with 5% of people have and 78% would like to, that’s 83% of passengers on a plane with the thought of joining the mile high club. Combine that with a boring long haul flight and free drinks (on some flights) it’s not surprising that it happens.

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