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Foolproof ways to become a star on YouTube

After you have your basics covered, you’re going to want to start getting as many viewers as you can by posting videos regularly and making them feature up to date topics.

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a YouTube star? This question may seem like one you’d ask yourself in a daydream, but in fact people from every walk of life become new YouTuber stars all the time. If you want to start on your path to becoming an internet celebrity your first step should be to figure out a topic you’d enjoy discussing and then find a special niche for your videos within it. After you have your basics covered, you’re going to want to start getting as many viewers as you can by posting videos regularly and making them feature up to date topics. Finally, be sure to collaborate with other YouTubers or celebrities on videos to boost your exposure to potential viewers and be sure to engage your fans as much as possible to keep them interested in you. 

This video will go over 6 foolproof ways to become a star on YouTube. 

1. Start With Your Passion

The first thing you should think about before starting your own YouTube channel is what your passion is and what sort of videos you’d enjoy making. After all, would the fame really be worth it if you had to create content on subject matter that bored you? If you really like math maybe you could start an educational channel on trigonometry or maybe if you’re really into hiking maybe you can start posting videos about cool outdoor locations in your area, really the possibilities are endless. Regardless of your passion you’ll always want to ensure that you’re using high-quality video. If you want to avoid grainy webcams, click here to help create videos that are aesthetic. When you find a topic that fascinates you your energy will be visible in your videos. 

2. Collaborate With Other YouTubers

In the past few years it’s been a recent trend that separate YouTubers collaborate on certain videos to create hybrid content. If you need help figuring out how to collaborate with other YouTubers there’s a lot of information you can find on the internet to help you out. Many YouTubers may see other channels as a competition but in fact collaboration between different channels has been shown to boost both channels viewership. 

3. Find a Niche 

Once you’ve found a general topic you’d like to make videos on now it’s time to find your niche within the YouTube community. For example, if you really like talking about exotic animals maybe you might want to focus on a more specific subtopic on talking about Kangaroos or maybe if you want to discuss different historical battles maybe you add other aspects to your videos like singing or dancing. Once you’ve figured out a good niche for your channel be sure to check the rest of YouTube for similar content to see what your competition looks like if it exists already.  

4. Post Multiple Times a Week

You can definitely buy YouTube views; but one of the other best ways to get lots of attention to your channel is to post videos as regularly as possible. The more videos you post the more tags your channel will have that can bring in new viewers. Your viewers will also appreciate that you post videos frequently since they’ll have more content to consume. As a start try to post just one video a week but as your videos get more attention try to challenge yourself and post 2 – 3 videos a week. 

5. Stay Up to date

An easy way to raise your viewership is to post about recent events or trends so you can take advantage of their buzz. If there’s a viral dance post of your own version of it or if there’s currently an interesting event that just happened in world politics consider sharing your opinion on it. Be sure to try to post these types of videos as soon as possible since you don’t want to miss the wave. 

6. Engage Your Fans

One foolproof way of becoming a full-fledged YouTube star is to engage your fans as much as possible since this can help make them more loyal and share your videos with their friends. Be sure to comment on your fan’s posts as this will help make a connection with them. Another great way to help show your fans some love is to do merchandise giveaways at the end of your videos which actually helps you get your name out at the same time. 

Anyone can post videos on YouTube but if you want to become a true star within the community there are a few tips you’ll be wanting to follow. Before making any videos your first step should be to find a topic that you really like and find your own niche for your video’s content. Next, to start gaining popularity, post videos as frequently as you can and make sure your posts are on up to date topics if possible. Lastly, keep your hype up by collaborating on your videos with other YouTubers and be sure to engage your fans as much as you can. Now you have all the knowledge you need to become a Youtube star.

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