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GEB Superclub: Party in the middle of QC

Patrick King Pascual checks out Quezon City’s GEB Superclub to find out if it is, truly, “super”.

In an attempt to capture the gay crowd in the northern part of Metro Metro – and probably to influence the ones in central and southern parts of the metro, as well as to gather all the other the party boys, the Blue Frog and Kurrant 7 aficionados, and everyone in between in one space – another club is trying, largely making its presence (initially, particularly) felt through its strong online presence (though whether this worked or not is still up in the air).

We’re talking about GEB Superclub, a new(er) venue located at the edge of Tomas Morato Ave. in Quezon City, and (making it hard to be missed) right beside a famous convenience store.

Just to be sure, on the outside, GEB Superclub welcomes the club goers with a massive signage right above its entrance. Simple, yet dominant, signage comes to mind.

The club’s inside mirrors the interior of the now defunct Club Mafia in Malate (for those not in-the-know, Club Mafia used to operate beside Bed Bar in the infamous courtyard of Malate, but after heavily relying on guest lists and VIP goers, the club sunk, thus leading it to close its doors). GEB Superclub’s ceiling is entirely covered by compact discs, supposed to give you a psychedelic feeling every time laser lights hit or pass on the surface of these discs. There are comfy couches occupying the parameters of the inside, with few cocktail tables standing in the middle of the dance floor.

Truthfully, this kind of set-up may work if every time you enter the club, it’s entirely filled with people. But that’s not always the case in GEB Superclub, surprisingly even on a Friday night. Most gay clubs or clubs that cater to the LGBT crowd in Metro Manila, especially the ones that already established their names (i.e. BED Bar, O Bar, Chelu, UNO, and even BuddhaKan in Cubao) guarantees that when the weekend kicks in, the dance floors would be filled halfway, if not actually full. Alas, not so here.

GEB Superclub’s playlist varies from chart toppers to famous anthems we enjoy dancing to every time we go clubbing. So that’s a plus.

The cocktails, meanwhile, are somewhat notable. If in other clubs they use local Kurrant liquor base or mix their Blue Frogs and other cocktails with cheap local liquor, in GEB Superclub, expect to taste the smooth Absolut vodka on your cocktail. And so what they (may) lack in their interior designing skills to stand out from other clubs, or in the volume of club goers to fill their empty dance floor, at least they compensate with their bar selection.

GEB Superclub may not be your next best destination on a weekend, but it’s definitely a good alternative for anyone who wants to try something new. Yes, it may also be for those who want to go to a place where it’s not overly crowded. Because here, you may not have a party night filled with glimpses from left to right of possible hook-ups, but hey, at least you have a good space, with good music playing in the background, a good cocktail in one hand, while you catch up with your friends.

GEB Superclub is located at 184 Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila. For more information, call (+63 2) 3910194 or (+63) 639189178168. Or visit their Facebook page.

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Living life a day at a time – and writing about it, is what Patrick King believes in. A media man, he does not only write (for print) and produce (for a credible show of a local giant network), but – on occasion – goes behind the camera for pride-worthy shots (hey, he helped make Bahaghari Center’s "I dare to care about equality" campaign happen!). He is the senior associate editor of OutrageMag, with his column, "Suspension of Disbelief", covering anything and everything. Whoever said business and pleasure couldn’t mix (that is, partying and working) has yet to meet Patrick King, that’s for sure!


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