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Give these great mobile games a go

We discuss the top mobile games currently available on the market, from mind bending puzzles to mystical card games.

Mobile gaming is going from strength to strength, continually growing in users and popularity. And no wonder, who wouldn’t want to play their favorite games on the go, wherever they are? Mobile games account for around 33% of app downloads, and with more choice than ever, now is the perfect time to dip a toe into the world of mobile gaming.

If you’re new to the world of online gaming and looking for some guidance, or are a gaming aficionado just looking to make sure they’ve tried out the best games out there, our list of the top mobile games currently available will help you navigate the extensive world of mobile gaming. If you’re not currently on your mobile, we highly recommend giving the ultimate free online drifting game, Drift Hunters MAX a try. 

Call of Duty

Fans of Call of Duty rejoiced last year when the mobile version of the hugely popular first-person shooter game was released. The game received over 148 million downloads in the first month alone. The mobile app allows you to play classic COD action for free, letting you play a range of multiplayer modes and maps, along with new features like the one-hundred-person battle royale. 

Monument Valley One and Two

Monument Valley is an indie puzzle game where players help Princess Ida adventure through a stunning world of architecture and geometry. This award-winning game is undoubtedly visually beautiful, and with two installments and no time limits, players can while away hours.  If you love solving puzzles, this game is for you. 

Jurassic Park Builder

Films and games have long gone hand in hand, from films featuring games to games based off of films. One of the best movie-based games is Jurassic Park Builder. Take on the role of John Hammond and build the iconic Jurassic Park from the bottom up. As well as building the park, you can grow dinosaurs, but make sure to keep them feed and watered, and build tourist activities for your guests to enjoy. 

James Bond: Casino Royale

Next up, a blast from the past. Casino Royale is best known as a movie featuring an intense poker scene, but a great mobile game was also made due to the success of the film. It is a little dated now, but you can still get a thrill from controlling 007 and shooting any enemies you encounter. As you see in the film, you’ll have to pick locks and defuse bombs in order to save the world.

Mini Metro 

Do you think of yourself as being a top strategist? Then you should really enjoy Mini Metro. Basically, you need to construct a subway map for an ever-expanding city and keep everything running smoothly. The expansion is random, it can be infuriating but it keeps you on your toes and thoroughly entertained. The game also has a competitive edge to it too, you can compete against other players in the Daily Challenge. 


Hearthstone is a collectable card game, from the studio that brought gamers World of War Craft. Definitely one for those who love games all about strategy. You can play PvE or real time PvP battles, you can even do battle as heroes from the World of War Craft catalogue in a new eight player feature. 


Undoubtedly a worldwide phenomenon, Minecraft is definitely one for new and veteran gamers alike. When you play this game, there isn’t a specific aim, giving you the freedom to play how you want. You can fight, build and explore, alone or with friends. What’s also great about this game is that you can play people who are on a PC or console. 

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The Room 

The Room is another puzzle-based game making our list. With four installments to play, prepare to get invested. The player needs to open a series of intriguing puzzle boxes and, to add to the thrill of the game, there is an ongoing plot weaved through the installments. 

GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport is one for the car enthusiasts, who can test drive one hundred cars over one hundred racetracks via their phone. Not only does the game boast amazing graphics and a great variety of content to play, there are no ads or in app purchasing, meaning it is just one cost upfront. 

Exploding Kittens

This game is Russian roulette only with kittens. Expect explosions, laser points and lots of kittens. You draw cards, if you receive an exploding kitten, you’re either out or need to play a defuse card. This game is all about strategy, meaning the other cards in the deck are all used to avoid exploding kittens. 

Whether you enjoy games where you race high speed cars or like to put your mind to the test with complex puzzles, there is a game out there for you. If you play any of these, you won’t be disappointed.

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