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Great gambling movies you should watch

It seems that gambling motifs are most commonly implemented in movies. In fact, there are so many slots inspired by popular movies out there that the theme has turned into a cliché. And yet, we all love watching these cliché movies.

Whether we admit it or not, we all love gambling. And ever since gambling was legalized in Nevada in the US, the gambling culture has been inspiring book writers, singers and film directors. Today, people can find a gambling theme in everything related to our daily culture.

Still, it seems that gambling motifs are most commonly implemented in movies. In fact, there are so many slots inspired by popular movies out there that the theme has turned into a cliché. And yet, we all love watching these cliché movies.

If you are in a gambling-movie-watching mood, keep reading below – prepared six of the best gambling movies ever made.

1. Limitless (2011)

Directed by Neil Burger, Limitless tells the story of unsuccessful writer Eddie Morra. One day, Eddie meets his ex girlfriend’s brother Vernon on the streets and he gives him an experimental drug to make him more creative.

Before long, Eddie is looking for more of the drug and goes to Vernon’s home, but only to find a dead body there. Panicked, Eddie searches for more of the drug and, surprisingly, finds a stash with money and more of the pill.

Later, Eddie finds himself in a situation where his life is threatened and he owes money to a guy nobody would want to mess with.

2. Casino (1995)

Casino is, without a doubt, one of Martin Scorsese’s greatest movies. The movie reveals the story of bookie Sam Rothstein, who is closely related to the Italian Mafia. Thanks to his Mafia relations, Sam gets to run a casino on the Las Vegas Strip called Tangiers Casino.

What was supposed to be a smooth and easy job turns out a disaster, though. Sam’s friend Nicky Santoro, who is supposed to guard Sam ends up placing him in jeopardy because of his ruthless and violent behavior. On top of this, Sam’s wife Ginger turns into a self-destructive person who makes his life more difficult than ever before.

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Essentially, Sam realizes that it is impossible to cut the ties with the Mafia, and his dream to live a crime-free life collapses.

3. Cooler (2003)

Bernie Lootz is a man no one wants to be – he is single and he has no luck at all. Berne works at a Las Vegas casino, where he uses his terrifying misfortune to jinx gamblers and make them lose. Of course, his boss is happy about it.

Suddenly, Bernie finds happiness in his life and this immediately affects his jinxing abilities. Not surprisingly, his boss tries whatever he can to make Bernie unhappy again – after all, his happiness causes the casino to lose money.

4. Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale is part of the well-known movie series about James Bond. In Casino Royale, Mr. Bond is presented before he was given a license to kill. Which does not mean he is harmless.

When Mr. Bond is elevated to the famous “00” status, he is sent on a mission that leads him to Uganda. There, he has to spy on a terrorist, but events make a turn, which makes Bond eager to investigate independently of MI6.

Agent 007 then goes to the Bahamas, where he learns that a guy named Dimitros is connected with Le Chiffre – a banker who finances terrorist organizations. Bond learns that Le Chiffre is organizing a high stakes poker game in order to raise funds for terrorists and decides to play against him. Will he win?

5. Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Ocean’s Eleven is a one of the best gambling-related movies we have ever seen.

Danny Ocean has just been paroled from prison and in no time he manages to find partners to help him rob the vault, which holds the cash of three Vegas casinos. The gang plans a good time to rob the vault, too – when there is about $150 million inside.

Things go according to plans up to the point where one of Danny’s gang discovers that Danny’s ex-wife is the lover of Terry Benedict – the man who owns all three casinos. Reluctantly, Danny continues to follow the robbery plans, telling his friends that if everything turns out well, he might take his girl back.

6. Rounders (1998)

Rounders is centered around Mike, a law student who loses all his money in a poker game against a Russian called Teddy KGB. Mike’s girlfriend Jo then tries to persuade him to quit gambling and he promises to do it, naturally.

But it does not take long for him to go back on his word. Worm—Mike’s best friend—gets out of prison and when Mike goes to greet him, Worm asks him to join a poker game that same night. Soon, it becomes known that Worm owes a lot of money and Mike has to guarantee the money will be paid. If the two do not find how to raise money quickly, their lives might be ruined.

In addition to all the action, music makes the movie experience much more realistic – and the best movie scores of all time are there to prove it.

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