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Hidden smartphone features that can make your life easier

Smartphones have some hidden but exciting features.

We can testify that our smartphones have been doing wonders for us. Some of us have won real money at online casinos only by playing our favorite cinema casino online slots  games on our mobile devices. 

But as much as we have been winning big money at online casinos using our smartphones, there is a whole lot more that they can offer to make our life easier. Smartphones have some hidden but exciting features. For instance, are you aware that the iPhone keyboard consists of never-ending features that will surely make your life smooth-sailing? 

Without much ado, let’s take a moment to look at some of the hidden features that you didn’t know about. 

Take a Screenshot Without Using Buttons

We all take screenshots with the assistance of the two buttons. But do you know that you can simply swipe the screen with your palm on the screen to take a screenshot on the android device? This exciting feature is mostly disabled on most phones. To make use of it, you can simply go to setting, “My device”, “motions and gestures,” then enable “palm motion.”

Schedule your Smartphone’s Power on and off

This is one of the exciting features that quite a number of people are familiar with. Some just know It but they haven’t put into consideration what benefits it have for you. Well, this smartphone feature will protect you not to have smartphone addiction. And for casino games online players, it will allow you to practice responsible gambling as well.

To activate this clinical smartphone feature, simply go to settings and under the “System” section click “Schedule power on and off.” Thereafter, you can select the time to power on and power off your mobile phone device. It’s just as simple as that. 

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