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How to best serve clients when working from home

Simply switching from being in an external office to being at home isn’t that simple; there are many considerations to think of, and you may need to do the same work in a different way or change things entirely.

Working from home is something that many people are now doing. A few years ago, what would have seemed impossible has, partly through necessity and partly through choice, become the norm. However, simply switching from being in an external office to being at home isn’t that simple; there are many considerations to think of, and you may need to do the same work in a different way or change things entirely. 

Your clients are perhaps the most important part of this change. You need to keep serving them well and taking care of them, but you also need to work out how to do this remotely.

Read on for some ideas. 

Visit Them 

Remote working might be considered usual these days, but there is nothing quite like a productive face-to-face meeting. This is why, even if you are working from home, it’s still a good idea to visit your clients in person if need be. Don’t rely on emails or video calls to run your business; there is definitely something to be said for doing things the old-fashioned way. 

By booking a flight, arranging for airport parking Atlanta, and making an effort to see your customers in their own workspaces, you are showing that you are able to go above and beyond, and that’s important. It will make you different from the rest. 

Have Good Network Service 

Imagine trying to be part of an important video call, and your connection keeps dropping out. Or you’re trying to send a crucial – time-sensitive email – except your email provider is down. There are many other examples of when the internet, the most important element of your home office setup, fails, and your business suffers for it. 

If you want to keep your clients happy and ensure that they stick with you, you need to ensure your network service is stable and uninterrupted. Look around at the various service providers that you could use. Read their reviews and look at what their coverage is like. It might be that you can get a better deal with a company that can offer you great service. Even if the price is the same (or potentially a little more) than you’re paying, if it gives you a better service, then it’s worth changing over, assuming you’re not locked into a contract. 

Have A Dedicated Office Environment 

The ideal office environment would be one that is solely that – your office. Many people who have recently begun working from home will have set up their laptops in the corner of a room somewhere, perhaps the kitchen table or a work surface or a space in their bedroom, and worked that way. However, although that might have been fine temporarily, it’s far better to have a dedicated office space if you are working from home permanently. 

If you can do this, taking a spare room, installing an office pod in the yard, or partitioning another room area can work well. As long as it is quiet and you can concentrate without other people coming back and forth or other distractions, you can serve your clients much better this way. 

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