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How to bet on the NFL

The NFL has its all-time high popularity, leading people to study statistics, matchups and trends deeply before hitting the betting lines.

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Back to 100 years ago, playing professional football did not represent as much prestige as it has nowadays. After this sport began to spread to every corner of the nation, its influence and power have led the NFL to touch almost every part of Americans’ lives, such as TV, politics, food, business, fashion, gaming, and betting.

Currently, football is one of the best sports especially in North America. The NFL has its all-time high popularity, leading people to study statistics, matchups and trends deeply before hitting the betting lines. Do not miss the NFL week 9 odds before starting off!

The three most common football bets

Placing bets throughout the NFL football season can be fun and profitable. The most common bets’ styles are the point spread, moneyline or total. It includes betting at a single game, at a specific player or at NFL futures odds. We break down those betting types for you to have a greater understanding of NFL bets as well as enjoy the best opportunities on your favorite games!

Point spread

For this style of bet, specialists provide odds based on statistics and sportsbooks, for example, to show some ‘most likely’ advantages or disadvantages for the league. They mostly consider the margin of victories or defeats for a given NFL team.

In summary, a point spread game odds would suggest a “favorite” team and an “underdog” one. For example, if a team like Denver Broncos has a point spread of (-7,5) it means they have to win by 8 points for the bet to go through. It’s basically the points difference you are betting on.


A moneyline bet is when you choose which team you think will win the game. This betting style is also called a straight-up bet since you basically choose one squad to win over the other. It’s also one of the most straightforward types of bets out there.


The total bet is the projected final score of both teams combined. For instance, imagine you would win the totals for the match Dallas Cowboys (Road) vs New York Giants (Home). A recent game ended 44-20 in the favor of the Cowboys, then the total score would be 64. It’s basic math and easy for everyone to understand.

But then again, there are many factors to be considered before placing a total bet and, as a bettor, you will envision how both teams will perform, from a scoring perspective. How well they play against each other, strategics and so forth.

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