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How to keep your workforce looking trendy at work

Luckily, there are dozens of simple ways to keep your workplace looking both smart and trendy. Here are a few ideas.

The appearance of your employees plays a crucial role in how people perceive your brand and business. A trendy, stylish workforce will make your company appear more innovative and forward-thinking. Maintaining high dress standards will help you build your reputation and make a great first impression that will attract customers, clients, and investors. 

Luckily, there are dozens of simple ways to keep your workplace looking both smart and trendy. Here are a few ideas.

Create a dress code policy 

The easiest way to ensure that your employees look smart and presentable is by introducing a dress code policy. A dress code policy doesn’t have to be overly strict, but it will help you set expectations and manage your employees’ appearances. For instance, you can request that employees dress in business attire unless their activities require something else. 

According to Linkedin, “a corporate dress code policy also eliminates competition between coworkers and ensures that the integrity of your corporate brand is upheld.” Many employees prefer a dress code policy as it removes the stress of choosing suitable outfits before work every morning. 

Invest in high-quality uniforms 

If your business requires employees to wear uniforms, then make sure that you invest in high-quality items made from premium materials. Choosing cheap uniforms may save you money upfront, but it’s likely to cost you more over time as they will need replacing more frequently. Old, worn uniforms will also reflect poorly on your brand and service. 

Introducing employee uniforms can help you build an attractive brand image and create a strong team spirit. Lots of people like having a uniform as it means that they won’t need to spend money on work clothes and business attire. 

Give out branded accessories 

Giving out branded accessories is a fantastic way to make your workforce look more stylish while also promoting your brand. When an employee wears merchandise with your logo, they are giving your brand free publicity every time they go out in public. This is why most companies give promotional items to their staff as part of their marketing strategy. 

There are many different promotional accessories to choose from, such as custom embroidered trucker hats, personalized bags, and custom sunglasses. These items will make your workforce look trendy, and your employees will love getting a free gift. 

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Offer free haircuts 

Many businesses offer job perks to boost workplace morale and attract top talent. Some common job perks include free gym membership, staff discounts, and company lunches. There is fierce competition between businesses, and companies are starting to offer perks above and beyond the basics. 

If you want to keep your workforce looking smart and trendy, then why not offer monthly haircuts as part of your employee perks scheme? Free hair cuts are a desirable job perk that could give your company a competitive edge and help you attract and retain skilled staff. 

These suggestions will help keep your staff looking smart, trendy, and stylish at work, so try one or all of them today and see what a difference it can make. 


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