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How to write term paper introduction

In order not to miss anything important when writing an introduction to the term paper, we advise you to follow the instructions and follow all the tips that are outlined in the article.

In order not to miss anything important when writing an introduction to the term paper, we advise you to follow the instructions and follow all the tips that are outlined in the article.

So, for a high-quality writing introduction:

Describe the relevance of the work 

Relevance is the significance of your topic in the modern world, that is, what role does your research play in developing your topic, whether your topic is needed in real life. Any hypotheses should be supported by evidence. It is evident that it is extremely difficult to do it properly so it might be a good opportunity to address RapidEssay service where the professional writers will create a perfect introduction for you.

If the reader, having studied the relevance of the topic written by you, was able to answer the question “Why do I need to study this problem?”, then you coped with the statement of relevance. You can start the description of relevance with the following phrases:

  • The relevance of the topic is…;
  • The topic under study is relevant because…;
  • The relevance of the work lies in…

Describe in detail the problems of your research 

That is, put a question relevant to your topic that you will need to answer during the study and research of the topic. For example, your topic is “Types of economic systems,” the question may be “What are the advantages of different types of economic systems?”

Clearly articulate and set the objectives of your term paper 

Usually, a student has only four tasks, half of which relate to the theoretical part and a half to the practical. Tasks should be set in accordance with the purpose of the work and help to achieve it.

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The tasks can be formulated as follows:

  • To study and analyze various literature on this topic. 
  • Highlight and explore the basic terms and concepts on a given topic. 
  • Identify and analyze the impact of some indicators on the development of this topic. 
  • Give your own recommendations for improving the issue of a given topic. 

State a clear and concise goal of your term paper 

The goal is the expected result, the result that you want to get from the study. Ask yourself why are you researching your topic and state a brief and understandable goal. The goal should solve the problem that you set and fully comply with the relevance of your work. The goal can be formulated as follows: “The aim is to study the statistics of divorces in a particular area” or “The purpose of the research is to collect data and analyze the demand for dairy products.” Associate your goal with work tasks.

Indicate the object of your research 

Students often confuse the object of research with the subject but these are completely different concepts. An object is a whole field of research within which lies your theme. This concept is much broader than the subject of research.

The subject of research 

The subject of research, which must be indicated in the introduction of the term paper, is the individual characteristics of the object. A correctly formulated subject of research allows you to narrow the circle of information search to such an extent that there is no doubt about the correctness of writing a term paper. Very often an item is simply a repetition of the name of your topic.

The subject may be a narrow focus. In the course work, it can be noted as follows: “the subject of this topic is the worldview of secondary school children” or “The behavior of tree beetles in the spring.”

Think about and briefly describe what methods, sources, and documents you are going to use, as well as in the practical part of the work. Indicate why you chose them.

Do not forget to express your own opinion about the research topic and put forward hypotheses that you can prove or disprove during the study. When writing an introduction, rely on your own considerations.

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