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How your ecommerce business can offer a great customer experience

Running your business online shouldn’t stop you from offering a great customer experience. Make sure you give your customers what they want.

Providing customers with a good experience is one of the top concerns for any ecommerce business. You can’t offer the same experience that people can get in-store, which makes it a big challenge and one way brick-and-mortar businesses can have the edge over shopping online. Online stores need to find different ways of connecting with customers and ensuring they get a good experience because they’re not seeing customers face-to-face. This offers an advantage in that more customers can be served at once, but each customer needs to get the same great experience.

For business owners that want to give their customers a memorable experience, it’s essential to think about what people are looking for when they land on your website. Keep reading to find some of the tips you can use to improve your online customer experience.

Provide Clear Information About Your Products

Your online customers can’t look at your products in person. They can’t hold them, try them out or even get a good look at them until they buy them. So it’s essential to always provide clear information about all of your products. T

As an example, xfinity customer service details billing and payment procedures, how-to on accessing customer support agents, troubleshooting internet-related problems, et cetera, thereby ensuring ease of access to customers. And so on your product pages, you can ensure you include as much information as possible using different types of content.

Make Navigation Easy

Finding their way around your website shouldn’t be difficult for your customers. They should be able to find your products and any other information that they need. When they land on your website, it should be simple for them to see that they’re in the right place and where they should go next. One of the goals should be to help them get to what they need in as few clicks as possible. If they have to take a convoluted path to get what they want, your website navigation isn’t designed very well.

Help Customers Find What They Need

As well as making your navigation intuitive, you can help customers to find what they need in different ways. You can do this with various tools and guides, or other resources.

One of the ways David Spector, ThirdLove co-founder, and his team have done this is to have a bra fitting tool on their website. Customers can find the perfect fit before they make their purchase to help them make a decision. You can do the same with your own products, especially when there’s a lot of choice or there are more technical things to consider. A comparison tool could help customers make a decision, for example.

Give Details on Payment, Shipping, and Returns

It’s not just your products that people want to know about. They also need to know how you’re going to get their purchase to them, as well as what happens if they want to return anything. You need to have clear information about your shipping terms and delivery costs, payment options, and terms and conditions for returns.

Make sure people can find this information with ease so that they don’t have to spend too long looking for it. It helps to protect them and you.

Make Payment Simple and Secure

Taking payment from your customer is the last step in securing the sale. It’s also the point at which they might turn back if they decide that paying is too complicated. They want it to be easy to place their order, with a payment method that suits them.

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Offer Good Customer Service

You might not be able to help your customers in person, but that shouldn’t stop you from providing good customer service. Your ecommerce website should help your customers get the service they need, even if that might mean referring them elsewhere. There are a few ways you could provide customer service channels. Offer an email address for people to get in touch and consider having a chat function on your site. You can also direct people to your social media pages, and you might want to offer customer service over the phone too.

Running your business online shouldn’t stop you from offering a great customer experience. Make sure you give your customers what they want.


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