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Innovation that could be the next ‘big thing’ after internet

Here are a few innovations expected to be the next ‘Big Thing’ after internet.

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The emergence of the internet was a game changer, and it has changed and transformed the way we do things in the modern world. But that was not the end of innovation; in fact so much is in store and about to hit the inhabitants of the earth by surprise.

Outlined below are a few innovations expected to be the next ‘Big Thing’ after internet.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence can learn and function on their own without human supervision – sounds like science fiction but it’s a reality that is progressively happening. Let’s examine an example of the above ground pool cleaners, these are amazing innovative robots that clean pools without the need of supervision.

The upcoming AI innovation indicates that the next AI will understand and replicate ideas and procedures hence develop breakthroughs faster.

Autonomous Driving

These are self-driving cars and are already in the market. So in the near future all you have to do is get into your car and tell it where you want to go and maybe take a nap – amazing.

General Motors Company and taxi services like Lyft and Uber are already investing massively for these self-driving cars.

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Reusable Rockets

We are accustomed to rockets flying only once then combusting through the earth atmosphere.

United Launch Alliance, Blue Origin and Space X companies are in the process of developing rockets that that can safely land. Very soon rockets will be reusable and space travel will become affordable.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

 AR is said to enhance reality whereas VR helps us forget. As this two technologies improve users will have access to more content so our experience of technology will change.

Increased Adaptation of renewable energy

Mass production of solar panels will revolutionize this sector and make it more affordable. Governments and companies across the globe will strive to purchase and implement these technology.

Large Scale Desalination

Desalination is a concept used to produce water. The world largest desalination plant in Israeli produces 627,000 cubic meters of water daily.

If adapted it can be used to resolve the global water crisis.

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Increased fast Internet

Innovation into increased fast internet is ongoing and Google’s Loon Balloon is one of them. Google Fiber has an internet speed of 1 gigabit per second and becoming very popular in the U.S, Li-Fi has an amazing speed of 224 gigabits per second.

Apparently even Wi-Fi is becoming passive using less power. Very soon internet connection will be history the ‘internet of things’ will connect worldwide.

Online DNA analysis     

Will be used to analyze your genetic online

This will help give people information about their health, explain why you can develop certain diseases and not others.

Knowing and understanding your body will become easy and affordable.

Immune system engineering

There is hope for cancer, multiple sclerosis and HIV patients who could be treated by engineering the immune system.

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It is good news to know treatments like chemotherapy will be a thing of the past. There are companies already saving lives through immunotherapy and genetic editing.

Almost Foldable Phones

Graphene, a hyper-flexible 2D strongest ever tested material has great potential like filtering drinking water, creating medical supplies. With this material foldable phones will soon be a reality.

LG’s Tube Display

Picture rolling up you TV and carrying it in your pocket. LG has come up with this innovation of tube display which is flexible and lightweight.

Google Pixel Ear buds

Google Pixel Ear buds can translate 40 languages. They are only compatible to Google Pixel smartphone.

In conclusion, one innovation leads to another, and the cycle never stops. With funding, support, and innovation, any idea is worth implementation.

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