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Into crystals? Check this season’s most popular crystals and why you should use them

The enduring popularity of crystal healing is taking over the wellness industry. In fact, the crystal craze has skyrocketed this season, with a 28% increase in global Google searches for crystal healing in the last two months. 

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The enduring popularity of crystal healing is taking over the wellness industry. In fact, the crystal craze has skyrocketed this season, with a 28% increase in global Google searches for crystal healing in the last two months. 

Which is why the experts at Online Psychic Chat have compiled the ultimate guide to this season’s most popular crystals, and shared their insight into how these mystical gems can relieve your woes.

Photo by Emily Karakis from
RankCrystal2023 Global Search Volume
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1. Sapphire

Sapphire is the UK’s most popular crystal, with search trend data revealing that there are more than 994,000 global searches in 2023 for this blue beauty. 

It’s easy to see why sapphire, the birthstone of September, claimed the top spot on this list, with the wisdom stone being a must have for Autumn.

Experts associate sapphire with spiritual enlightenment and inner wisdom, with the precious stone said to help promote mental clarity, focus, and concentration. 

It’s said that wearing a sapphire necklace will aid sore throats, and that’s only the start of its healing powers. Mentally, sapphire is renowned for being the crystal of harmony, its core purpose is to enlighten you and remove negative energy. 

Sapphire properties: Enlightenment, wisdom, focus, concentration
When to use: The workplace, when feeling under the weather, travelling
Can be found: Mines of Sri Lanka, Thailand, Afghanistan, Australia

2. Diamond

Said to be a girls’ best friend, diamonds are one of the most known crystals. Famous for both their strength and as a universal symbol of love. 

Diamonds have boasted over  765,000 global searches this year alone, proving that this loved gemstone isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

Diamonds are also known to be impressive amplifiers of energy, taking in your innermost thoughts and feelings and projecting them outwards. So whether you’re feeling positive or negative, diamonds can intensify those feelings.

Because diamonds are said to absorb your energy, they are also able to hold onto it. As such, it’s a good idea to cleanse them from time to time. 

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You can do this by leaving them by a window on a full moon, soaking them in rain water overnight, using salt water or  burning sage. 

Diamond properties: Strength, amplifier
When to use: When you’re feeling positive energy 
Can be found: Mines of Russia and Botswana

3. Turquoise

Coming in at number three, turquoise is famous for its striking colour, and with a global yearly search volume of 461,000, this healing crystal is only growing in popularity..

Holistically, turquoise is a deeply spiritual stone used to provide guidance for those seeking truth and wisdom. Other key functions of this precious stone include inspiring creative expression, amplifying manifestation, warding off negativity, and surrounding the wearer with happiness. 

Because turquoise is so grounding and positive, it’s incredible for those suffering with anxiety or stress. Many people find solace and relaxation in the beauty of nature, and due to its namesake colour, turquoise can help to evoke these calming associations.

Turquoise properties: Grounding, guidance, protection
When to use: When stressed or anxious, during manifestation
Can be found: Mines of Russia, China, Iran, South America

4. Ruby

Fourth place with 445,000 global searches is ruby. Famous for its vivid colours, rubies are known for bringing forth intense energy that encourages the wearer to follow their dreams. 

It’s said rubies are connected to your emotional heart, protecting you and re-energising you when your spirit has taken a hit. Fueling you with confidence and resilience it’s the perfect stone to get stuff done with. 

Rubies also aid emotional healing, reducing the effects of negative thoughts and insecurities. Its powers of love don’t only extend to encouraging love into your life, but also fostering a powerful and deep self love. 

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Ruby properties: Love, courage, protection
When to use: when needing encouragement to strive for your goals
Can be found: Mines in Burma

5. Amber

The fifth most favoured crystal this season is amber, with a global search volume of 428,000. Amber nurtures strength, balance and protection – making it a perfect crystal to have by your side. 

Amber is amazing at absorbing intense moods and bad vibes. It cleanses your emotions and allows you to ground yourself and look objectively at a situation. By replacing the negative energy with positivity and balance it enables the wearer to feel empowered by their choices and safe in the fact the decision wasn’t rash. 

It also helps us bring inner strength and set boundaries in a respectful way to help you maintain healthy relationships. Strength paired with strong protection held in this stone results in the wearer feeling safe from external and internal conflict. 

Amber properties: neutralizing, empowering, protection
When to use: when needing protection and clarity
Can be found: Mines in Europe


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