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Is it possible to know what turns you on before experiencing it?

Sexual health therapists are of the opinion that there are ways to know what turns someone on, even before they experience it.

Experience and common-sense point towards the fact that it would not be possible for anyone to know what turns them on, without actually experiencing it firsthand. To some degree, that is true as well, given that we can only know certain things about what we want or don’t want from our sex life after an experience.

However, sexual health therapists are of the opinion that there are ways to know what turns someone on, even before they experience it.

Building on Experience

Experience is often the best teacher when it comes to all things erotic, but it has been found that not everything needs to be explored firsthand, to know whether it is a turn-on for a particular individual or not. People can draw inferences based on their past pleasurable experiences and guess quite a few things that are likely to turn them on, even before experiencing them.

Sexual Fetishes and Clues

The human erotic mindset is not just complex, it’s also quite diverse. What turns one woman on may not have the same effect on another, simply because they are different and thus require different types of stimulation. For men, long hair in women has remained a turn on throughout the centuries, with even modern experiments showing that men are likely to help women with long, untied hair more than women with short or tied hair, discriminating as it may be! Hair is not the only fetish that men or women have of course, with everything from glasses to one’s height also acting as turn on factors for both men and women.

Due to both a clear understanding and vast experience regarding male and female turn-on factors, Escorts Australia provides a unique service. It is a website that has been designed specifically to help people find Perth escorts that can provide a customized range of services, in the manner that the specific client is the most likely to enjoy. Using one’s own understanding of personal sexual desires, men, women, and transgenders can find Perth escorts suited to their own sexual preferences.

The Olfactory Factor

It has been noted through experimentation that individuals will often get turned on by even strangers, if they smell the same perfume on them as the one on their regular sexual partner. This experience suggests that the particular scent is a turn on for that person due to association. By building on that established fact, a few other, intelligent conclusions can also be drawn.

For example, one of the most common assumptions that usually turns out to be true in the case of such individuals is that they have an ozolagnia or olfactophilia fetish, which is more than likely to be activated by various other smells than just the one that turns them on right now. To be more precise, even if they have never smelled it and associated it with sex before, men who have a strong olfactory turn on will most likely be turned on by a scent that invokes the smell of lavender + pumpkin pie, irrespective of whether they have a pre-existing neurosexual association with the scent or not. Escorts will often use similar knowledge to attract men to them with similar scents that are also known to influence male sexual arousal.

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