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Love Affairs

Jayson and Brian Hungerford-Regis: Lifelong bestfriends and soulmates

When Jayson Regis met Brian Hungerford for the first time 11 years ago, after emailing each other for some time, his heart was skipping beats. But as soon as they saw each other, “I knew right away we clicked together,” he said. The two got married in 2008.

“Anxiously waiting at the airport, I sat at the Second Cup, sipping, swirling and trying to cool my hot cappucino, knowing that in a few moment, he will come out of the arrival gate and I will meet him for the very first time. Every sip I took, I felt every beat of my heart. I was excited and nervous, not knowing what’s ahead of me. Should I turn around and leave now? Or face the fact that I was just kidding myself and be fooled by my own decisions? My mind was rushing with questions, but my heart said otherwise. The moment he walked out of the arrival gate and I looked at him, I knew then he was the man I’ve been looking for. The man that I would spend the rest of my life with. This special event happened 11 years ago, and to this day I still feel like it just happened yesterday,” recalled Jayson Hungerford-Regis.

Jayson and Brian2Jayson Regis met Brian Hungerford through e-mail correspondence. Brian was from Syracuse, NY; and Jayson, being Filipino-Canadian, lived in Winnipeg, Canada. Jayson and Brian communicated a lot, learning about each other’s interests and background.

“For me I knew right away we clicked together. I fell in love with him the first day I met him; but we truly knew a year later (that this is meant to be). We just read each other’s mind… we just flowed in our love together. You see you can never really say for sure the exact time you, as a couple, finally are in love. Love seeps in through as time progresses; time spent with each other. How two people treat each other determines the outcome of the relationship,” Brian said.

Jayson learned that a couple of times, they actually almost met in the past. When Jayson was growing up in the Philippines, at five years old, Brian was also in the Philippines, in Subic Bay where his dad was assigned at the American army base. A few years later, when Jayson moved to Canada, and when his family went to Disneyworld for vacation, Brian was working there also at that same time.

“I believe that fate has its way of trying to put two people together. When it’s meant to be, it will try to find its way in your life at the right time. Love is that faith in us. That feeling in your heart that says this is the one, is called love. Love is patient and kind, it will not prevail when you tell it to. Love is an ineffable; only you can tell but yet don’t know how to describe it. Love has no barrier; it overwhelms you with good emotions. Love has now boundaries; it will eventually come out if you repress it. Love is love,” said Jayson.

Jayson and Brian’s challenges in the beginning was their distance from each other.

“Long distance relationship is very challenging, but we worked hard in planning to be together, and I think that enhanced more for our love to each other. You know the saying that goes: ‘Absence makes your heart grow fonder’? That was pretty much it for us,” Brian said.

Jayson and Brian got married in September of 2008, at Niagara Falls, and it was celebrated with their close friends and families.

“The best part of this relationship with us is being together. We both have the same traits and likes in life and I think that helps a good relationship. We plan things together, share stories from work and family together, and most of all, we trust in each other. That’s the key: Trust in each other. We always leave notes, say I love you, and kiss goodbye before leaving for work. You never know what’s ahead of us. Basically he is my best friend,” Brian said.

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“Being with my spouse is never an effort, but rather a moment to look forward to, and shared with. He is my bestfriend, my companion, and most of all my soulmate,” Jayson added.

Jayson and Brian’s future plans right now is to work on finalizing their residence status in the US. Someday they hope to move to south Florida and live in the Keys.

“And have kids too,” Jayson laughed.

And then Brian, turning to Jayson, said: “I do thank God everyday that I have you in my life.  Being with you makes me smile and laugh, and most importantly, feel loved.   I hope I make you feel as loved as you make me feel because I love you very much!”


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