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Katt: ‘Don’t sacrifice who you are to please others’

In the spirit of Pride in the Philippines this December, LGBT people were interviewed in the hopes of showing a broader spectrum of the community. Meet 32-year-old Katt, who believes that “if you’re afraid that people you love will turn their backs on you when you come out, then they probably don’t deserve your love.”


Age: 32

What she does: Corporate English Trainer/Bar Owner/Events Organizer/Musician

Hobbies/ Interests: Music, Arts & Crafts, Theater, Animals, Humans, Hiking, Camping, Nature, Traveling, Gardening, Reading, Psychology, Spirituality

Goal in Life: To find a way and means to live a happy, simple and fulfilling life in this demanding world. If I could find a way to live mostly off the land, do the things I love and not have to worry about money, that would be purrrfect! But I’m optimistic. 

I think the Philippines is very odd when it comes to this topic. I’ve lived in different parts of the U.S. and in some places, it’s waaaay more taboo than it is here. I wouldn’t say it’s taboo at all here, being a Catholic country and all. People here are used to seeing gay people everywhere, but they’re also used to making fun of them and not taking them seriously because of what they see on TV and at comedy clubs. And even if it may seem that LGBT people are accepted, the laws will never allow us to feel that way and neither will our own knowledge of the fact that most people are fine with it until it’s someone from their own family.

We’re no different from anyone else. We’re not perverted hooligans like the bible thumpers may think. We’re just listening to our hearts and natural instincts and to be treated differently because of that is just really sad and unfair.

Just because you like the same sex, that you’d probably like anyone of the same sex and you’re constantly thinking of ways to get into their knickers. Haha! Come on, it’s not like straight people like everyone of the opposite sex. It’s the same thing people!”

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I think my life gave me the courage to be my authentic self, first off… Being mixed and different everywhere you go kinda does that to you so adding gayness to the picture wasn’t a problem. I also knew that my brother and close friends only care about my happiness and even though I have a religious Catholic mother and a very Muslim father, I knew my parents would love me no matter what. I’ve never tried to fit in anywhere! Haha! I’ve always been a strong fighter for the individual self.

 If you’re afraid that people you love will turn their backs on you when you come out, then they probably don’t deserve your love.

If you think they won’t understand, then maybe you’re not giving them enough credit.

And, if you’re thinking of sacrificing a huge part of who you are to please others, it will be a long, lonely path. Rip the band-aid off quick and clean. At least the ones that stay are the ones you’re lucky to have.


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