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LGBT-friendly cruise destinations

There are now endless options to choose from, so feel free to plan your next cruise vacation, and get your bucket list ready for some action.

Building on data suggesting that the number of LGBT community members who take cruises is the same as – or even a little higher than – the number of heterosexual travelers who cruise; it is really no surprise that the cruise industry has fully embraced its LGBT vacationers.

Cruise lines all over the world host trips to a myriad of destinations, with hundreds of options to choose from. So, what are some of the most LGBT-friendly cruise destinations, you ask? Let’s examine some of them below.

Sailing the Greek Islands

You might have heard this already: Mykonos is the absolute top among the gay islands in Greece, known to welcome a large LGBT audience every year. But there’s more; Santorini ranks second most gay-friendly island in Greece, and it is definitely one of the most romantic destinations all around the world, famous for its breathtaking sunsets and magnificent volcanic beaches. A cruise trip to Greece will definitely be an enriching experience through azure waters, and in addition, can also give you the chance to visit the small hidden ports of Milos, Sifnos and Spetses.

The Magical World of Turkey 

The beating heart of Turkey – Istanbul – holds the ultimate experience of Turkish gay life. Istanbul encompasses everything from LGBT-friendly cruising spots, bars and clubs, cafes and restaurants, sauna and bath houses, gyms, beaches, shopping finds, as well as events and parties. Marmaris, Antalya, and Bodrum are just a few of the iconic cruise destinations Turkey has to offer. Choose a cruise that will allow you to enjoy a double dose of Turkey – land and sea – and you will not regret it.

Panama Canal Wonders

Panama Canal cruise destinations are usually at the top of many travelers’ bucket lists. A man-made 82 km (51 mi) waterway in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean, the canal is a true witness to engineering genius. Going on a cruise to one of the world’s greatest marvels will give you the chance to also experience some exciting tropical destinations rich with culture, history, and beauty. Those nearby destinations include Cabo San Lucas, Cartagena, and Costa Rica.

Festive Barcelona

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Since Barcelona is already well established within the LGBT culture, it would be absolutely wrong to not mention it when talking about LGBT-friendly cruise destinations. Barcelona has a cosmopolitan and welcoming environment for all types of travelers from all walks of life. The coastal city has so much to offer; from gay beaches, tapas tours, Barcelona’s gay neighborhood “Eixample,” to the Circuit Festival – one of the largest and most famous gay festivals in the world. Taking a Mediterranean cruise with Barcelona as a destination promises an unforgettable trip.

Beyond the Rainbows  

Looking back on a time when the best option for a “gay-friendly” cruise would be a self-organized trip with friends, it is now very normal to welcome LGBT crowds aboard most cruises; ones actually organized, promoted and hosted by the cruise lines and their teams. There are now endless options to choose from, so feel free to plan your next cruise vacation, and get your bucket list ready for some action.


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