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Life lessons after waking up with a hangover

Many of life’s lessons are learned during uncomfortable moments – like when you wake up with a killer hangover, and you can’t even remembering a single thing thing about the previous night.

The best lessons in life I learned during my most uncomfortable moments – when my ex-boyfriend broke up with me, when someone literally walked out on me in a hotel, when I woke up with a hangover and when I woke up not remembering a thing about the previous night.

1. “Do things you won’t normally do – something that is out of your character. You only regret the things you did not do.”

Nothing could be more than me sleeping with someone I do not know. Okay, that is extreme and out of my day character. It happened. I learned from it and realized it was not worth it. The person was not worth it. Let me note: the time that person left me was the time I was found by the person who loves me so much.

2. “Dance like a crazy person.”

I like going to bars just to watch people get drunk, down and dirty – then when alcohol kicks in I would start dancing. Yes, I may wear nerdy glasses, I may fancy hoodies and cardigans, but I need to let loose. Sometimes, even if it is just during the summer vacation I still appreciate those late hours when everyone around me is sweaty. With my hands raised I would jump and sing to the music the DJ is playing. That is the only time I feel that no one is staring and trying to figure our my orientation. Then you shall not talk about what you did that night when morning comes.

3. “While it is true that we should learn from the mistakes of others, we have a responsibility to make mistakes others can learn from.”

Few years ago a female staff (we were good friends at the same time) made the worst mistake she could have done. She brought her girlfriend to a business trip. Her girlfriend was an officemate who filed for a sick leave to be with her. As the immediate head I had to be objective and point out her fault. From her mistake her colleagues learned that they can never do such a thing.

4. “True friends are like stars. You would never know they are there until the night falls.”

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When two of my bestfriends had their first lesbian heartbreak I dropped everything and rushed to them – inside the bus going to Zambales and inside a car parked in front of the building – while they cried and screamed their hearts out. Still, they hate me that I do not have time for them during normal days.

5. “You do not owe anyone an explanation.”

Last August I met someone. “Do they know about you?” I asked. “No. If they would ask me, I’ll tell them, but I don’t really feel the need to explain why I love women more then men.”

6. “Stop over thinking and start doing.”

The CFO asked me “so what are your plans?” referring to my resignation. I just reached the point where I have to stop the 5-year planning period. I would never know what will happen if I just stay put and sit comfortably on my office chair. So now I welcome a new endeavor.

7. “You can go down to their level, but make sure your point is the right one.”

They say never to stoop down at your enemy’s level, but sometimes doing so will give you some sort of satisfaction. So when I found out that someone I was head over heels for  told me nothing but lies (ever her real name), I did some data mining and sent her a message using an e-mail address she hid from me. Let me say, the tables were turned.

8. “Explore the other side.”

I have been with a guy for two years and we broke up. When we met again  I dropped the bomb. I told him “it is sweeter and more intense on the other side.”

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Gee Cruz, 28, is a human resource practitioner and a graduate student. She may probably be called a fool for regularly booking flights and hotel accommodations abroad, but would never really show up on the date itself because a good movie is being shown on TV. However, she never misses a year without her trips to Boracay and Zambales where she would spend days of sleeping - trying to get the "work wrinkles" off her forehead. She could be one of the most socially awkward person you will ever know, but it is ironic that she would agree to meet up strangers from Craigslist.


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