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Lucena to hold 2nd LGBT Pride on Dec. 9

Pride will re-visit Lucena City on December 9. Last 2014, the first LGBT Pride was held in Enverga University; it was the first such gathering in Quezon Province, helmed by EU Bahaghari.


Pride to re-visit Lucena City on December 9.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community of Lucena in the Quezon Province will again reconvene for its second LGBT Pride gathering following a hiatus.

Last 2014, the first LGBT Pride was held in Enverga University; it was the first such gathering in Quezon Province, helmed by EU Bahaghari, and supported by other organizations at Enverga University in Lucena City, including Alpha Phi Omega – Chi Chapter, STAND Enverga, Envergans Ayaw Sa Tofi Alliance, and Guni-Guri Collective.

The first Pride called for the equal treatment of LGBT people, recognition of their rights, and protection within the educational institutions; even as it also called for focus on other issues faced by students, including hikes in tuiton and other fees.

In 2015, a Pride event was not held, though the community gathered for the #EqualityWithoutBorders cultural night, which called for the need to continue the LGBT struggle.

This December 9, the #2ndQuezonPride will happen a day before the International Human Rights Day on December 10.

EU Bahaghari is the only LGBT student support group in Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation in Lucena City.

For more information, visit EU Bahaghari.

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Aaron Bonette is a batang beki - a "cisgender gay man, if you will", he says. He established EU Bahaghari in Enverga University in Lucena, where he was one of the leaders to mainstream discussions of LGBT issues particularly among the youth. He is currently helping out LGBT community organizing, believing that it is when we work together that we are strongest ("Call me idealistic, I don't care!" he says). He writes for Outrage Magazine to provide the youth perspective - meaning, he tries to be serious even as he tries to "party, party, party", befitting his newbie status.


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