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Masturbation battle – Who does it more? Men or women?

As modern society starts to appreciate the importance of mental health, it’s become clearer each year just how important sexual expression is and how it’s connected to our mental health and overall well-being.

It’s the age-old question: Who masturbates more, men or women? The answer may or may not surprise you.

Men and women are both sexual creatures. There’s no doubt about that. And thankfully, over the span of the last 20 years, the taboo that has surrounded social media has begun to unravel. 

As modern society starts to appreciate the importance of mental health, it’s become clearer each year just how important sexual expression is and how it’s connected to our mental health and overall well-being. So before we weigh in on the answer of whether women or men masturbate the most these days, let’s go over why we pleasure ourselves, and why it’s perfectly normal.  

Why do we masturbate?

Masturbation can be thought of as nature’s antianxiety mediation. It’s so effective in relieving stress that medical professionals today are even recommending masturbating on a weekly basis, for adults of all sexual orientations.

For most of the world’s democratized countries today, the days of demonizing masturbation and self-pleasure are long gone. 

Not only does self-pleasure ease stress and relax us, but it’s also crucial in our journey to self-exploration and understanding our sexual needs. Denying one’s sexuality can have devastating effects on our mental health. When we are open and confident about our sexuality, our mental health tends to be much more stable, creating a solid foundation for the rest of our health. 

Who masturbates more? Men or women?

It turns out that men are outdoing women when it comes to sexual self-care. For most of civilization, it seems that this has been so. There are many reasons as to why men have been masturbating more than women throughout history, but today we’ll go over reasons that have the most influence in today’s day and age. 

Why do men masturbate more than women?

Men have much higher levels of testosterone coursing through them every day. This high level of testosterone shoots men’s sex drives sky high. And you know the drill. A higher sex drive means that the odds of frequent masturbation are pretty high. 

Women, on the other hand, have a lower sex drive, meaning that they lose the battle when it comes down to who’s outdoing who. But that doesn’t mean that women don’t play a crucial role in men’s masturbation habits. 

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Live sex cams are the hot new trend these days, as it’s even overtaking traditional porn sites in terms of popularity and money spent. And women, although they may have lower sex drives and masturbate less on average than men, make up a vast majority of the models that make this new and exciting live porn. 

Today’s hot trend: live sex cams

Live sex cams or cam sites are a popular new trend among people of all sexes and ages and from all over the world. Live sex cam sites have been climbing in popularity for years now, but the pandemic really helped them spread their wings and take off. 

Live cams give users the possibility to actually talk with porn actresses and actors, also known as cam models. The live aspect of the streaming sites provides views with a much more exciting and real-world feeling than compared to traditional porn. 

The category of amateur was Porn´s most popular category in 2019 and continues to be a top contender each year. And it’s that amateur feel that gets people hooked on cam girl’s content. The fact that people can make live sex videos for cam sites from their own home and on their own terms, makes the career as a porn actress or model much more appealing and provides views with tons of content. 

The best live sex cam sites usually have large selections of models and an array of different kinds of porn categories. Users can simply create an account on their cam site of choice, and tip their favorite models using an online token system. 

Why live sex cams are so popular

People have, not surprisingly, felt lonelier and more stressed than usual thanks to the pandemic and its self-isolating safety measures. This unique atmosphere pushed people to try something new and ultimately fall in love with the intimacy that live sex sites offer people. 

Coming back to the fact that men are the winner of the masturbation battle, we can see another reason as to why cam sites have shot up in popularity. Men are much more likely to take sexual risks, like trying a new and exciting live sex porn site.  When you pair this with the fact that men are much more active users of porn sites and are much more likely to masturbate, and more often, we can see clearly why cam sites are now all the rage. 

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