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Mechano Growth Factor Specifications

If you are interested in learning about Mechano Growth Factor’s specifications, keep reading.

Mechano Growth Factor is a supplement researchers have used for the last several years. If you are interested in learning about Mechano Growth Factor’s specifications, keep reading!

IGF-1 is released from inside the muscle after resistance training has been completed. In particular, at this moment, immediately after the mechanical usage of a muscle, the IGF-I gene is spliced towards MGF, which promotes hypertrophy and healing of local muscle damage. This promotion happens shortly after the mechanical use of the muscle. This result is achieved not just via the activation of muscle stem cells and satellite cells but also through various additional anabolic mechanisms. Its C-Terminal sequence is the primary characteristic that sets it apart from “normal” IGF-1.


Licensed professionals were the ones who made the first discovery in the muscle. Compared to IGF-1, the reading frame for Mechano growth factor (MGF) in human muscle is altered due to the presence of a 49-base insert.


The IGF-1 gene is expressed and undergoes alternative splicing as part of the body’s reaction to introducing mechanical overload to a muscle, which may occur due to weight training. At the outset, it is spliced to generate a predominance of IGF-1Ec (called the MGF splice variant of IGF-1). This early splicing process activates satellite cells and causes them to proliferate. Which, in turn, enables the activation of additional intact nuclei to generate new muscle fiber and tissue after the harm has been done. 

The manifestation of MGF is also responsible for kickstarting the increase in the production of new proteins. After the first splicing of IGF-1 into MGF, the production process turns to the generation of the systemic release of IGF-1Ea from the liver, which upregulates protein synthesis. This process occurs after the initial splicing of IGF-1 into MGF. It is believed that the powerful anabolic mechanism by which the body develops new muscle is the expression of IGF-1 splice variants during the healing and regrowth phase of the muscle repair process. This process is because this period is when new muscle tissue is produced. It has been shown via anecdotal evidence that injecting MGF will trigger a reaction in the region that will result in localized increases in muscle mass. MGF is a peptide that may be administered intravenously.

Research Findings

In research on rodents, a single intramuscular injection into muscle led to a 25% increase in the muscle fiber cross-section area after three weeks. This change was seen after the injection. When using a procedure that was quite similar, it took four months for liver-derived IGF-1 to achieve a 15% rise.

It would also appear that, in terms of age, those who are young have a better ability to respond to MGF, while those who are elderly experience a decreased response to MGF, which results in a decreased ability to stimulate the growth of new muscle tissue. This result is because the young have a better ability to respond to MGF.

In the words of the individual who is widely regarded as the pioneer of research on MGF: “MGF is… a leading candidate for the use of gene doping to improve sports performance.”

User Notes

Researchers’ experience with MGF has led them to believe it is an excellent product, and they have used it several times. They believe that there is quite a deal of synergy to be discovered between this peptide and other similar ones. Some have only tried it in combination with Lr3IGF-1.

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Although researchers saw a (localized) gain in muscle size after administering MGF, they did not notice a significant improvement in their subjects’ overall strength compared to before administering IGF alone. Most researchers who administer MGF believe it is pretty effective for promoting muscle development.

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