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Megan & Whitney: Celebrating being a feminine lesbian couple

Meet the couple behind WEGAN – Whitney and Megan – a self-described “feminine lesbian couple” who first met in 2008, went into a long distance relationship, and eventually had a civil partnership in 2012. Often mistaken for sisters, Megan and Whitney say that “by being open and honest to who we are, we’re constantly challenging stereotypes and perceptions of what it is to be a lesbian couple.”



Technically speaking, Megan and Whitney met in 2008 in London, when Whitney was studying a semester abroad from the University of Hawaii. That’s “technically” because, as Megan put it, “we actually first met online on Myspace in 2006. We started sending messages via Facebook everyday, leading up to us finally meeting up, but we never let on that we might in fact like each other more than friends.”

That meeting in London happened “outside the steps of London Waterloo Station,” Whitney recalled.

And then two weeks later, the two were officially an item. And so came WEGAN.

“Without really thinking it through, we embarked on a long distance relationship between Hawaii and the UK,” Megan smiled.


“Before I even met her, I had a feeling – call it intuition – and I knew that I was going to love this girl,” Whitney said.

As for Megan: “It didn’t take me long (to realize I was in love with her). One month after we were officially in a relationship, we had a romantic weekend away in Paris. I had decided I would tell her that I loved her when we were up the Eiffel Tower. Funnily enough, it turns out Whitney had planned to do this also.”

But “when it came to it, we were both in a weird mood (and it was freezing!) and we didn’t end up doing this,” Megan laughed.

As per Whitney, “Megan ended up being the first one to say ‘I love you’, which was by a Facebook message in response to whether she would accompany me to the airport to say goodbye at a ridiculous time in the morning. Her reply was that she would ‘because… well… I love you!’ I immediately texted her back that I loved her too.”

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“I still feel nervous thinking about it,” Megan said. “But we now say ‘I love you’ to each other all the time, every day.”

Megan and Whitney had a small, intimate civil partnership in 2012.


As a couple, “the biggest challenge is having to constantly come out as gay, and that we’re wife and wife,” Megan said. “Due to being a feminine lesbian couple, for some reason, strangers constantly ask us if we’re sisters.”

Whitney added: “Most of the time we tell them: ‘No we’re not sisters! We’re married… to each other!’ Sometimes it takes a while for them to understand, and we even have to show our wedding rings or pictures of us together for them to believe us.”

Megan and Whitney face challenges “by being open and honest to who we are; we’re constantly challenging stereotypes and perceptions of what it is to be a lesbian couple.”

Wegan also started filming videos – entitled #femmecoupleproblems – “to make such incidents comical.”

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Whitney already moved to England “so that we could conquer long distance. So a great positive to our relationship is getting to experience a whole new culture, way of life and work, and inheriting a British family.”

Asked what, for her, is the best thing about their relationship, Megan smiled. “It’s great that we can share clothes.” Then turning serious: “We’re very lucky to have found such a great love and friendship. Most people comment that we’re the most in love couple they’ve never met. We enjoy every single day that we get together, though don’t get us wrong, we have our arguments too – PMS is definitely a negative side to a lesbian relationship!”

Whitney added: “We also love to do the same things, whether that’s enjoying a movie in bed, or traveling the world.

Though they already had a civil partnership ceremony in 2012, Megan and Whitney still hope to “finally have our big wedding in 2017,” Megan said. This big wedding will have “all the family and friends from both sides and the big wedding dresses!” Megan laughed.

They are also already eyeing to travel the world more; “and maybe we’ll move to America for a little bit,” Whitney said. They intend to return to the UK, though, “to embark on the next biggest chapter in our lives – having babies.”

And so, even as the dwell on each other’s love, they also continue sharing what they have as a feminine lesbian couple via Wegan.

“All in all, I wish that we had more time on Earth to spend it together,” Whitney ended.

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