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Moving home in the current state of the property market

There’s never a good or bad time to buy or sell. If you want to move home then you just need to be courageous enough to take the plunge.


The property market may seem fragile and unappealing right now, but that’s the nature of the industry. House prices are always fluctuating on both a local and national level. There’s never a good or bad time to buy or sell. If you want to move home then you just need to be courageous enough to take the plunge. Of course, it’s all very well and good to say that, but getting started with the process of moving house is another thing.

Here are some suggestions for moving home in the current state of the property market.

Selling your old home.

The best place to begin is to focus on your current home. Yes, you’re in a rush to get moving, but this part of the process shouldn’t be rushed. If you’re worried about your finances then you should be aiming to make as much of a profit as possible from the sale of your existing property. Put yourself in the mindset of a property developer, in other words. Think about simple ways to increase the value of your home. As explained over at, buyers want to see spaciousness, so you could move your belongings into storage in order to show off the potential for your property to become somebody else’s home.

Get rid of unwanted possessions.

A big part of moving house is moving all your worldly possessions. Yet, you’ve probably collected a mountain of belongings over the years, and you most likely don’t want to bring all of those things with you to your new home. You should be aiming to ensure that your new home isn’t cramped or cluttered. Look through your things and sell anything you no longer need (that extra money will help you in the costly moving process). Obviously, some of your long-forgotten belongings might be junk that needs to simply be thrown out.

Of course, no matter how much decluttering you do, you’ll struggle to move big things such as furnishings by yourself. You might want to head over to to find professionals who can help to make the process of moving house less stressful for you. Still, the important thing to remember is that your quote from the movers depends on how many belongings you need to be transported. The more decluttering you do, the more money you’ll save. That should be an incentive to get rid of unwanted possessions if you needed any more of a reason to do so.

Get your finances in order.

Moving home is costly, as has been discussed extensively throughout this article, so you need to get your finances in order. As mentioned over at, buying a new home is a costly process in itself, but the costs are multiplied when you factor in the fact that you’re also moving your many things from your old home. For example, you might want to save money by canceling your service with your internet or cable provider before moving house so as to ensure that you’re not still paying for bills after leaving your current home (it can take a couple of weeks for those services to end).


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