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Ms. U Bowling Pageant & Bowlibining Pilipinas scheduled on Dec. 7

TLF SHARE scheduled a bowling pageant on December 7, from 4:00 PM at the Coronado Lanes, 4/F Starmall, EDSA (beside MRT Station), Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. While winning – and getting that crown – may be everyone’s goal, Dennis Corteza says that “that’s but part of it. Winning is not everything. It’s having fun while not winning,” he laughs. “So come join us.”


To prove that “there’s more fun out there,” TLF SHARE has scheduled the 2014 Ms. U Bowling Pageant and Bowlibining Pilipinas – a mash-up of a bowling tournament and a beauty contest, making it a not-so-ordinary sports tournament.

Dubbed as the “bowling pageant”, Ms. U and Bowlibining Pilipinas will be held at the Coronado Lanes, 4/F Starmall, EDSA (beside MRT Station), Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City on Dec. 7, Sunday, from 4:00 PM.


Ms. U started in 2000, initially as part of The Library Foundation’s sports event and celebration of Pride month (June), then eyeing to build camaraderie for TLF SHARE’s participants and their friends.

In the tournament, teams of four bowlers competed wearing their own uniforms or costumes. Additional points went to teams with costumes. Elimination round consisted of three games, and then the top five teams competed in the final round. In the final round, the scores reverted back to zero, similar to the scoring system in beauty pageants.

Because of the success of the first tournament, when 16 teams joined, Bowlibining Pilipinas was born in the same year (December 2000). This was different from Ms. U since Bowlibining Pilipinas was an individual competition. The top five winners were given titles –Bowlibining Pilipinas Universe, World, International, Tourism, and the first runner-up.

The twice-a-year tournaments lasted from 2000 to 2007.

Even if the tournament disappeared for seven years, there have been spin off tournaments, such as Volleybining Pilipinas (volleyball) in Puerto Galera, and Billiardbining Pilipinas (billiards). The organizing group of the tournament also hosted The Straits Games Manila 2013.

This year, TLF SHARE is bringing back the tournaments.

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“This time TLF SHARE would like to revive the sleeping giant – parang Godzilla lang (just like Godzilla),” beamed Dennis Corteza, who is helping organize this year’s tournament. “Para siyang reunion a.k.a throwback. We’re trying to tap again the past TLF SHARE participants, bowlers, and their friends (new and old). And we hope to get new breed of participants, especially the younger ones. There’s more fun out there. Go out and bowl. Let’s show the whole world that we are really more fun. Plus hindi pa tayo extinct (we’re not yet extinct). And labanan ang rayuma (fight rheumatism) – stretch-stretch ‘pag may time.”


The bowling pageant is open to all TLF SHARE participants and non-participants (girl, boy, bakla, tomboy, transgender, et cetera). The Ms. U is for the team competition (three players) and Bowlibining Pilipinas is for the individual competition.

Ms-U3The gathering, said Corteza, spells fun.

In the introduction of the teams/candidates, the approach is similar to beaucon (beauty pageants), complete with the parade of the candidates (or representatives) and the narrating of mottos. And so expect versions of the witty one-liners, like: “I believe in the saying: ‘Break the glass in case of emergency.’; ‘Keep of the grass.’; and ‘Aanhin pa ang damo kung kinain ko na ang kabayo.’ – some of those that were used in the past.

There is a registration fee of P100 per player (for three games), exclusive of shoe rental (P35). Limited slots (14 teams/42 bowlers) are available for the discounted fee.

Individual players can form a team before the games. TLF SHARE committee may assist individual players form their teams (kindly inform TLF SHARE before the competition). Individual players without a team can vie for the Bowlibining Pilipinas titles.

A default score of 75 pinfalls will be given to each absent player in a game. Once the first player of the opposing team rolls the first ball of the third frame, the team that has not completed its three-player line-up will receive the 75-pinfall default score for every missing player.

Also for fun, love notes will be read during the tournament. Individuals can pay a certain amount –P5 for confidential messages to one’s crush, with the note delivered in private to the person; and P20 for public announcement. While this has served as fundraising activity, it also helped others find love in the past. “Meron naging mag-lovers because of the love notes (There were men who became lovers because of the love notes),” Corteza smiled.


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Substitutes are allowed, just inform the sports committee before the second game. A fee of P100 per substitute will be charged. Substitutes will only be allowed to play if and when one of the players of the team cannot play due to the following: injury, illness, pregnancy, going to join other beaucons, and other valid reason/s deemed acceptable by the TLF SHARE committee. It is understood that once a substitute is called, he/she replaces the regular player for the duration of the bowling pageant.

No substitutions are allowed during the game. A player who cannot continue playing the game due to extreme circumstances (i.e. pregnancy) will retain his/her score from the time of his/her pull-out or will be given a default score of 75 pinfalls whichever is higher. Teams should report player pull-outs to TLF SHARE committee for evaluation

As per Corteza, “kahit fun siya, sa scoring very strict (even if it’s fun, the scoring is very strict). We adapt the international scoring system. May additional pins lang for the special awards.”


All players for the Ms. U are automatically qualified for the Bowlibining Pilipinas titles. Subs are not qualified for Bowlibining Pilipinas titles.

The top five scoring teams; and the top five individual players will be awarded.

Ms. U 2014 awards:

  1. Ms. U 2014 (Bongga, congrats!)
  2. 1st Runner-up (The role is very important – Chos!)
  3. 2nd Runner-up (Uy umaasa?)
  4. 3rd Runner-up (More power po)
  5. 4th Runner-up (Walang himala ‘day)

Bowlibining Pilipinas awards:

  1. BowlibiningPilipinas Universe (highest score of 3 games)
  2. BowlibiningPilipinas International (2nd place)
  3. BowlibiningPilipinas World (3rd place)
  4. BowlibiningPilipinas Supranational (4th place)
  5. BowlibiningPilipinas Tourism (5th place)

Additional scores/special award in the Ms. U is not counted for the total of the Bowlibining Pilipinas scores.

“In case of a tie, we will have a question and answer portion,” Corteza said.

There will also be special awards for the Ms. U team:

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  1. Best in costume. +10 pins/team. Team effort.
  2. Ms. Talent. +10 pins/team. One representative per team.
  3. Ms. Photogenic +10 pins/team. One or more representative/s
  4. Ms. Friendship +10 pins/team. Team effort.

In the past, for Ms. Talent, a representative from the teams were asked to bowl while also doing a surprise task. Some of these tasks included: bowling while blindfolded, bowling while wearing a big wig covering the face, and bowling while wearing an 11-kilo ballgown. “Bowl for your life drama,” Corteza shared. “The winner got 10 additional pins for his/her team.”

Also in the past, other special awards included Ms. Panama Canal (most canal shots a.k.a. O pins); Ms. Strike a Pose (most strikes); and Ms. Surigao (he/she who shouts the loudest).

Prizes include trophies, crowns, scepters, sash, dolls, and most of all, the prestige that goes with the title.

While winning – and getting that crown – may be everyone’s goal, Corteza said that “that’s but part of it. Winning is not everything. It’s having fun while not winning,” he laughed. “So come join us.”

To join Ms. U and Bowlibining Pilipinas, register at

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