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Muzi Wear: Dressing contemporary

In April 2012, Josh Austria invested approximately P200,000 to establish Muzi Wear in the Philippines. It eventually carved a niche in the market, as it aims to “serve the Filipino male and female populace; the contemporary Filipino youth market,” as Austria put it.

A year ago – in April 2012 – Muzi Wear was established in the Philippines as a “garments for the contemporary Filipino” with an initial investment of approximately P200,000.00, says Josh Austria. Even then, “we were starting small but thinking big for the future of (the business).”

Even from the very start, establishing the business was challenging. “To start off, there were a lot of competitors already out in the market,” said Austria who nonetheless persevered. Eventually, the company carved its own niche.

“Muzi, being a forward looking underwear, is a natural magnet to the particular demographic (of gay/bi men and MSM).  As we all know (that) most of the fashion forward people are from the gay/bi community,” Austia said. For Austria, “this particular market is lucrative since (the people in this) demographic are the fashionistas who loves buying new clothes, not to mention that most of the people in the community are achievers and have (high) purchasing power.”

He nonetheless stressed that “Muzi is not limited to the particular market. In fact, our strategy is to tap the metrosexual men of the Philippines.”

All in all, “Muzi was created to serve the Filipino male and female populace; the contemporary Filipino youth market,” Austria said.

Austria said he was actually surprised by the initial demand he encountered when he opened Muzi. And to think his current operation is only via online (Facebook, Twitter, et cetera), even as he eyes to “hopefully eventually expand our product lines and go mainstream (in malls and the likes).”

He found useful opportunities in the form of partners who were willing to support the brand the moment it was started. Personal friends from the entertainment industry who extended support included: Jason Fernandez (Rivermaya), MM and Mj Mango (XLR8), Ryan Boyce and Karen Reyes (PBB Teens), and Caleb Santos (XLR8), to name a few. Muzi also dressed up the contestants of the Ms. Philippines and Ms. Earth beauty pageant.

And the bestsellers? Undershirts and boxer briefs.

While Austria still gets his stocks from Thailand, “eventually, I plan to design my own line for Muzi Wear,” he said.

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More information on Muzi Wear is available at its Facebook page. Or email, or call (+63) 9178445984.


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