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Natural herb kratom: What to know 

To understand this herb better, here is all the information you need to know about this natural herb.

Kratom has gained popularity in the United States and Europe in the past two decades. This is due to its stimulant properties that equip the user with extra motivation and energy. The herb also contains opioid-like properties that lessen chronic pain, stress, anxiety and help with opioid withdrawal symptoms. 

To understand this herb better, here is all the information you need to know about this natural herb.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tree that belongs to the coffee plant family found in their native habitat in Southeast Asia. Its leaves contain psychoactive alkaloids and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. The herb is commonly used in its origin region to increase productivity as it gives the user both mental and physical energy during hard day labor.

Its effects are unique since some properties are stimulating, while others are anxiolytic or sedative. The results you get will depend on the dosage you take. High doses provide pain relief benefits similar to those offered by opiate pain drugs. While small doses of about 1-5 grams give mild pain relief effects, but can also make you feel more energized and focused. 

If you want to experience these fantastic benefits, buy quality products from slo kratom that will leave you yearning for more. 

How is Kratom Consumed?

You can take this herb in various forms, including chewing fresh leaves, mixing its powder with drinks, or smoking dried herb. Some sellers stock kratom concentration made by extracting everything except the pure active components of kratom resin.

The powder form is the most common way of consuming kratom outside its native home. It is mixed with a glass of water or brewed as a strong tea. To avoid the bitter taste accompanying the herb, you can mix it with honey or any sweetener. Other forms available for your consumption include capsules, tablets, and liquids. 

Different Strains of Kratom

A strain is an offspring of a particular plant with similar genetic makeup but different physical profiles. The different types of kratom are characterized by the different colors of veins in their leaves. There are three major categories of kratom strains:

Red Vein Kratom Strains

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The strain provides more sedating and relaxing properties than other kratom types. Making it the best choice if you want a pain reliever and sleep support. The red vein strains are also known to have the fastest-acting effects; you start to feel its benefits within the first 20 minutes after consuming it. Some of the red vein strains include:

  • Jongkong kratom
  • Asia kratom
  • Kali kratom
  • Indo kratom
  • Hulu kratom etc.

White Vein Strains

White vein strain is commonly used by people who prefer taking their kratom dose in the morning. It has more euphoric alkaloids, thus providing more stimulating effects to boost your moods. Here are some of the white vein kratom strains:

  • Thai kratom
  • Borneo kratom
  • Maeng da kratom
  • Dragon kratom etc.

Green Vein Kratom 

If you are looking for a strain with anti-anxiety sleep-supportive effects, the green vein should be your top option. Green Vein Kratom has similar stimulating effects with white vein strain, but its effects tend to last longer. The good thing about this strain is that it is available in abundance, making it cheaper than other strains. Malay kratom, Sumatra kratom, and Vietnam kratom are some of the green vein’s options. 

The Benefits of Kratom

Suppose you have been looking for the best alternative to lessen your chronic pain. Kratom is the most preferred herbal pain reliever after opium medication. Have a dose of the kratom herb. 

  • Opioid withdrawal: Based on a 2018 case study, kratom alleviated the withdrawal symptoms of an opiate addict. The natural herb is effective in lessening the effects of withdrawal and reducing the pain that makes you use the drugs. The patient reported that the withdrawal duration was less compared to the use of other medicated painkillers. 
  • Mental and energy boost: Its psychoactive properties are also used for psychological, emotional, and interpersonal healing by promoting positive thoughts. This effect can help you cope with symptoms related to stress and anxiety.  

Side Effects Of Kratom

The herb is considered safe when taken in the proper dosage; however, kratom can give you adverse effects when taken in a high amount or through interactions with any drug you might be taking. If you are on any prescription, it is essential to consult a physician before using kratom.

Some of the adverse effects that have been reported include:

  • Poor appetite
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Low libido
  • Dizziness etc.


Kratom is currently legal at the federal level in the United States, including the district of Columbia. Some states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Indiana have outlawed kratom.

So, before using the product is critical to know if the natural herb is allowed in your state to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law. 


There is no doubt that kratom is a beneficial plant due to the benefits it gives the user. You can use it as a pain reliever, stimulant, or sedative benefit, and with the guide to Kratom strains, you can now safely use kratom to get all the advantages it offers.

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