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Nurses to take extra care to prevent workplace injury during COVID-19

Apart from taking good care of yourself and avoiding complacency, being able to identify potential hazards can go a long way in keeping nurses safe in their place of work.

The LBGTQ+ community currently  forms one of the largest minorities within the nursing profession. With the USA currently leading the world in terms of COVID-19 infections and deaths, frontline nurses have become somewhat of a national treasure. Working long hours in extremely stressful conditions does, however, increase the risk of workplace-acquired illness and injury.

While this is undoubtedly a great concern both for employers and nursing staff, there are measures that can be taken to reduce these risks significantly. Apart from taking good care of yourself and avoiding complacency, being able to identify potential hazards can go a long way in keeping nurses safe in their place of work.

Take good care of yourself

It has been found that taking good care of yourself can help prevent workplace-related illness and injury. The LGBTQ+ community is particularly prone to stress, and this can have an adverse effect on your performance at work, resulting in increased distraction. A distracted nurse is more likely to make careless mistakes, which can lead to severe injury or exposure to a range of potentially-fatal illnesses.

With the added pressure that the COVID-19 pandemic is placing on nurses, it is essential to keep yourself healthy and as relaxed as possible. Following a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, exercising, and putting aside some time to do something you enjoy is vital. Even though it may be harder than before to lead a balanced life, it should always remain a priority.

Don’t become complacent

Regardless of where in the USA you live, you will find that the current global situation has  affected the nursing profession in unthinkable ways. Texas, for example, employs more than 212,000 nurses – many of whom are working on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19.

While hospitals and other medical facilities in the state will undoubtedly have stringent health and safety measures in place, the risk of injury and illness is always present, and  Lopex Law Houston TX note the importance of legal support if an injury occurs at the workplace. Having a lawyer at your disposal does not, however, mean that you do not have to be vigilant. In fact, adhering to your place of work’s health and safety regulations is now more important than ever before.

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Be on the lookout for potential hazards

As a nurse working in one of the nation’s medical facilities, it is vital to always be on the lookout for potential hazards. Keep work areas as clutter-free as possible. When there is something on the floor that can pose a trip or fall hazard, pick it up or move it out of the way.  Always pack medication and medical instruments away after use, and dispose of any used implements in a safe and responsible manner. Wet floors pose a big risk and should never be left unattended. Personal discomfort can also result in injury, making it important to not stand in the same position for extended periods of time, even when performing lengthy medical procedures. Instead,  shift the weight from one leg to the other, wriggle your toes, and try to refrain from clasping anything with your hands for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

Nursing is, without a doubt, one of the noblest professions of our times. It can, however, carry a number of risks if care is not taken to avoid injury and illness.


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