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Outrageous sports you should know about

While the world has many sports that are simple and easy to understand, there are some that are just downright bizarre and odd.

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Some sports are pretty normal and don’t inflict a thought about why they are played in the way they are played.

For instance, some of the world’s most popular sports are football, tennis, golf, cricket, and basketball. When looking at each of these, they are pretty easy to understand and the premise and rules in which they follow are pretty simple in terms of how they were likely to be created.

Indeed, it’s possible that the simplicity of these sports helps make them be revered around the globe. They are popular with viewers, as they remain incredibly accessible due to their appeal and the commonality of them. This has perhaps also helped people to be enthusiastic about them, so much so that they would place a wager using the Betway Sportbet site for all of their sports betting requirements.

However, while the world has many sports that are simple and easy to understand, there are some that are just downright bizarre and odd. Of course, we live in a truly wacky world, and the wackiness of it can make the place just that little more colorful. But, some of the sports that have been created are truly one of a kind and are extremely hard to get your head around…

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Ostrich Racing

We all know about racing – whether that be physically on a track or in a vehicle – but what about animal-based racing with a bird?

While ostriches can commonly be found in Africa (depending on its species), Ostrich racing has become an extremely popular sport that is incredibly odd. So popular in fact, that it has made its way across to the US. Many enjoy watching the world’s largest living bird run at speeds of up to 70kmph as they compete against others in traditional racing terms.

Underwater Hockey

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has two variations of the game that are enjoyed by many, with field hockey and ice hockey being well-known. Many like to play or watch these games due to their popularity and unpredictability, with the latter also providing bettors who use Betway with the ideal opportunity to enhance their sports betting experiences.

However, there is a third (and possibly more) type of hockey that can be enjoyed: underwater hockey. This is an odd sport and one that not many will have known about. As the name suggests, it features traditional hockey rules but is played in a swimming pool and contested underwater.

Wife Carrying

There aren’t many sports that may place an emphasis on people being in a couple in order to participate, except maybe the sport of wife-carrying…

Originating in Finland, husbands will be required to carry their wives on their backs from the starting line and cross the finish line first. It’s not a straightforward race, either, as there are obstacles that can often need to be navigated. The winner’s efforts are rewarded at the end, though, as they will get their wife’s weight in beer… although sometimes it’s just best not to ask about their weight…

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Chess Boxing

If you thought chess was a mental game, it can also become physical…

Chess boxing is a sport that combines the strategy behind the classic board game with the desire to avoid being punched by your opponent. Players will be forced to go through two alternate rounds, as they will let their bodies do the talking before letting their brains make all the moves on the chessboard.

Final Words

There are so many interesting sports around the world; it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are some that are just weird and wonderful. Of course, with so much out there, you might just find an outrageous one that you enjoy that is completely against the norm.

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