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Research identifies countries with highest rate of sexual curiosity

While it’s safe to assume that sex is being had all over the world, just which countries have the highest rate of sexual curiosity?

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While it’s safe to assume that sex is being had all over the world, just which countries have the highest rate of sexual curiosity? A study by WeThrift used Google Search volume data to determine which locations are searching the most for sex-related terms.

The USA is officially the most sexually curious country in the world. The research discovered a whopping 54,855,300 searches across 10 popular sex terms, including porn, fetishes and sexual health in the US. This means that an enormous 16.57% of the American population is searching for sex terms on the internet each month.

Coming up behind are New Zealand, with 12.36% of Kiwis delving into sexually curious searches online each month. New Zealand has a much smaller population compared to other countries in this list, but the country proves that size doesn’t always matter and their 596,010 online sex searches per month are still enough to fire them into second place.

Elsewhere, New Zealand’s neighbor Australia came in at sixth place, with a total of 2,781,700 online searches equalling a 10.91% sexually curious population.

Meanwhile, Ireland has been caught out with the third-highest rate of sexual curiosity in the world. 11.56% of the Irish population indulges in sexual searches per month, resulting in 570,800 online hits. The UK just about squeezes into tenth place with 5,989,200 online searches indicating that 8.82% of the British population are sexually curious.

Scandinavia might just be the most sexually curious part of the world with four Scandinavian nations cropping up in the top ten. The highest ranking is Finland in fourth place with 629,430 total searches and 11.36% of the population searching per month. Denmark finished in fifth place with an 11.30% rate of sexual curiosity. Meanwhile, Norway and Sweden came in at seventh and ninth place, respectively, with sexual curiosity ratings of 10.47% and 9.26%.

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