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Sally Field to parents of LGBT children: ‘Don’t be frightened’

Sally Field to parents of LGBT children: “Don’t put your own prejudices or fears about sexuality on your children. Sexuality is a human, glorious part of existence.”

Sixty-nine year old Oscar winner Sally Field – who has a gay son – has said that parents of LGBT children should not be frightened with human sexuality.

In a SiriusXM radio interview with Jess Cagle, who is the editorial director of People and Entertainment Weekly magazines, Field opened up about her experiences raising her openly gay son, Sam Greisman. “In Sam’s case, certainly, nature told him what to be. It wasn’t something he looked to be, and he found it difficult to grapple with.” And so Field said that “I welcomed him to welcome himself, and find that part of his life.”

Field also said that she’s horrified by parents who disapproved of their LGBT children and, in some cases, disowned them. “Don’t put your own prejudices or fears about sexuality on your children. Sexuality is a human, glorious part of existence,” she said.

This is not the first time Field openly spoke about her support for the LGBT community. In 2014, she wrote an open letter condemning discrimination.

“Sam knows that if he ever marries, he’ll have my full support. After all, I like to believe I raised him with the good sense to choose a great partner,” Field wrote then. “But there are people out there—organizations and politicians, strangers who have never even met Sam—who would rather devote themselves to denying his happiness. Why would anyone want to prevent my son — or anyone’s son or daughter — from having basic legal safeguards like family medical leave, Social Security survivors benefits, or health insurance? It doesn’t make any sense — but it won’t change until people speak out.”


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