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Shipping Large Items in California – Car, Furniture and More

Sending your possessions to and from California can be a hassle; whether it’s your new car or your old college furniture. However, with the following information you may find the process much more accessible than you thought.

Sending your possessions to and from California can be a hassle; whether it’s your new car or your old college furniture. However, with the following information you may find the process much more accessible than you thought.


If you are getting to California and in need of shipping your car, a professional auto shipping company is ready and waiting to assist. From open and enclosed car shipping to California that can transport any make or model of vehicle across the state to door-to-door services that meet any need imaginable, and bulk discounts for multiple car deliveries at once – professional auto shippers offer everything needed for successful transport of any car you may own or desire. There’s something for everyone.

Car transport costs in California can depend on several factors, including time of year and how fast your car needs to be delivered. For instance, it will be more costly if your shipment needs to arrive between April and September as this is when demand is at its highest point for this industry service.

When searching for a car transport company in California, look for one with experienced transport vehicles licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You can verify this by looking up their six-digit “MC docket” number on their website.

Also, when shipping large items in California, to avoid paying extra for oversize packages it’s important that they are measured and weighed accurately prior to being sent off. Also try disassembling any heavy objects for reduced shipping rates.


Shipping large furniture items requires taking several factors into consideration that can determine their final costs, including weight, packaging and distance of transportation. The more an item weighs and the farther its journey must travel, the higher its costs will be. Also considered is type of furniture as certain pieces may require extra padding and insulation protection during shipment.

LTL freight shipping can often be the most affordable method of transporting large items, such as furniture pieces without needing white glove delivery services. LTL delivery services often cost less and can even arrive directly at a customer’s curbside, making for convenient deliveries for many.

Transporting furniture via LTL freight ( can often be the more affordable solution; however, the risk of damage increases significantly during transit due to shifting furniture pieces between trucks. Therefore, proper packing techniques such as disassembling legs and arms to fit them into smaller boxes is integral; additionally adding protection with cardboard corner guards and Styrofoam might help to avoid scratches or dents during transport.


Electronics are high-value items that must be treated carefully when shipping due to their fragile components. Whether transporting laptops for business purposes or transporting an old flat screen TV from one home to the next, several precautions must be taken prior to sending any electronics out on their journey.

When shipping electronics, the number one rule should always be to package them safely and with adequate protection. Small parts like batteries and circuit boards are vulnerable to being damaged if left uncovered during transport; to protect these components and avoid damages to their delicate structures you can add padding or cushioning for your packaging as well as using sturdy boxes that can withstand several foot drops safely.

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If you need to ship multiple electronics at once, truckload services could be more economical. They provide access to bulky or oversize equipment as well as providing you with convenient scheduling.

Consideration should also be given when sending electronic products that some items don’t fall under standard carrier insurance, such as LCD monitors and monitors with no signature confirmation feature, television sets and mobile telephones with no signature confirmation requirement. There are third-party insurers offering special policies that cover such items.

Pet Food

Pet food can still be purchased at grocery or pet stores, but more and more people are ordering pet supplies online and having them shipped directly to their homes. Because pet food and supplies need to be shipped securely in order to remain shelf-stable at room temperature without spoilage during shipping, and frozen pet foods require dry ice or special packaging, special procedures need to be observed during transporting these types of items.

Many retailers, such as Amazon, Chewy, Petco and PetSmart offer pet supply delivery options that can save you money on shipping fees. By signing up for their Subscribe & Save programs you’ll automatically get repeat deliveries at the frequency and schedule you choose and even receive a 5% discount on each order made.

Consumers should look for pet foods made by companies committed to ethical production and ingredient sourcing, while choosing companies who support animal rescue groups or charities may give you added peace of mind when it comes to your purchase decision. Companies offering such support should display logos from these charity partners on their websites and give an estimate as to the shipping costs before placing orders.

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