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Since lockdown, 41% of women and 34% of men state that they are not happy with their sex lives

Sex during lockdown is apparently hard, with a huge 81% of men believing that they could get better sex elsewhere, compared to 78% of women.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on SexualAlpha

Being stuck indoors has provided people with the perfect opportunity to reflect on their sex lives – because what else is there to do?

As a result, OnBuy was interested to discover how couples are dealing with it… and the results aren’t great. 

OnBuy surveyed 1,360 18-45-year-olds to discover whether lockdown has improved their sex lives or has left them regretful. OnBuy found that almost half (47%) of those in relationships admit to having less sex while isolating together.

Following this, 41% of women state that they are not happy with their sex lives, in comparison to 34% of males – almost 3 in 5 women believing their sex life could do with spicing up.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on SexualAlpha

Although OnBuy’s research determined that women are less impressed with their partner’s bedroom skills; more men (56%) would label their sexual encounters with their partner as ‘vanilla’, compared to 51% of women.

A huge 81% of men believe that they could get better sex elsewhere, compared to 78% of women.

Despite this, only 21% of men and 17% of women have brought up issues about their partner’s bedroom skills.

After asking ‘What makes a disappointing sexual experience?’ OnBuy discovered that the top five are as follows: 

Women: Little time on foreplay (70%), lack of orgasms (67%), premature ejaculation (57%), no communication (56%) and lack of enthusiasm (45%).

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Men: Impotence (86%), lack of enthusiasm (67%), no communication (60%), premature ejaculation (56%) and lack of spontaneity (55%).

With this, OnBuy collated some apps that could help spice up your sex life… particularly during lockdown.

  1. XTracker – This allows users to create a sex calendar of when, and how, they’re having sex! App features include monthly statistics, statistics by partner, variety of positions, number of toys, maps locations, custom notes and whether or not protection was used.
  2. Sex Tracker by Nice – You can keep track of your sexual activities, partners, STDs, STIs, tests, locations, orgasms, duration and more! Users can view their sex statistics which include daily, weekly and monthly averages, longest, shortest and average duration, favourite activity, time of the week and more.
  3. Sex Keeper: Tracker and Positions – Users will have a personal diary with a calorie counter as it connects with Apple Health! This app counts the duration, heartbeat, frequency of sex positions and the number and quality of orgasms. The app also stores images and notes. 
  4. Kindu for Couples – This app allows you to improve the intimacy of your relationship by learning new things to do with your partner, discover more about their desires, creates a haven to discuss your wants and wishes and provides personalized tips.
  5. Couple Games Relationship Quiz – Users can create hundreds of questions to quiz their partner, where they are also able to use the chat feature. Along with this, answers/guesses are stored in the app memory, so they are available to look back on.
  6. Ferly – This app provides sensual stories to spark your imagination, community polls, a personal journal, 30+ guided sexual practices, filtered content to suit your environment or mood and a personal profile to track your progress.
  7. Regain Couples Therapy – Users can get support on their relationship from licensed therapists who are highly experienced in providing relationship support. 
  8. Honi Game for Couples – This app provides thousands of dares to surprise your partner with! You answer questions to discover how much you know about each other, discovering new fantasies, new Kamasutra positions, embarrassing ‘would you rather’ questions and get daily tips on how to improve your relationship.


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