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Slot wagering requirements explained and calculated

In multiple kinds of industries there is always some kind of jargon that we will need to get our heads around, and the world of gaming and online slot games is no different. So how exactly do slot wagering requirements work and can we really ever fully de-mystify them for good?

Whether you play online slot games a lot, or not, it is quite likely that you will have heard of the term wagering requirement. It is also quite likely that although you have heard the term, you may not exactly understand just what a slot wagering requirement is – learn more at Slots Baby.

Which is, fair enough. In multiple kinds of industries there is always some kind of jargon that we will need to get our heads around, and the world of gaming and online slot games is no different. So how exactly do slot wagering requirements work and can we really ever fully de-mystify them for good?

What exactly is a slot game wagering requirement

Like many other types of industry jargon, slot wagering requirements are also otherwise known by different terms and these terms are known as a play through, a roll over, and also a turn over requirement. All of these terms simply mean the same thing – which is of course, a slot wagering requirement.

Now, getting to the heart of the matter – what exactly is a slot game wagering requirement then? A slot game wagering requirement, otherwise referred to sometimes as the other terms which have been listed in the previous paragraph, is more or less just a restriction that has been placed on a particular casino bonus.

But why do we have slot wagering requirements and what exactly does a restriction on a casino bonus really mean? In basic terms, this slot wagering requirement or, restriction, has been made so that there is some kind of rule in place which tells the player exactly what the limit of gaming is and on what game a bonus can be played with before you are able to withdraw any of the funds that may be, or become, available to you.

If you were to have an example of this, what that would more or less translate to is that if you were to get a bonus of say £10 and this came with a five time wagering requirement, that means that the player would have to put down £50 before being able to have the ability to withdraw any funds available.

Having said that though, this figure (five) is definitely leaning toward the more lower end of the scale overall when it comes to slot game wagering requirements. In fact, it is actually more common for the casino which has placed a wagering requirement with their games to have one of these in place at the figure of 55.

What is the point in having slot wagering requirements? 

One of the bigger reasons that slot wagering requirements are in place is to stop people from making immediate cash outs, and this is because in past, casino bonuses were abused by gamers who would put bets down only on the games which held a low risk. 

So that meant that in these days, the requirements have to be in place so that it is made sure there is only a small percentage of capital that ends up being wagered on low risk games and these are contributed to the wagering requirements. 

Having said that, when it comes to wagering requirements there are some points which it is worth keeping in mind when you go to play a game which involves these requirements. First off, as a rule of thumb, if you find you are unable to see the specifics involved around the game edge when it comes to deals then this usually means that the lower the house edge, the lower the wagering requirement. 

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It is also worth keeping in mind the details around no deposit bonuses. When it comes to no deposit bonuses these offer the highest wagering requirement in the shortest period of time and with slot wagering requirements these may not always go towards the requirements for card game bonuses. 

As well as this, all gamers should try and remember that when it comes to wagering requirements in relation to all games these do vary massively from casino to casino and some of the time there will be games that do not have any wagering requirement in place at all. 

What to do when you want to find a good wagering requirement with a casino 

When it comes to going online and playing a slot game of your choosing which offers a good wagering requirement, it is important that you take the time to do a little bit of online researching and take the time to check through all of the casinos online that you are able to. 

By doing this, you will then be able to do a comparison shop and find an online casino which offers gamers a good online slot wagering requirement. Now, although it can be hard to find casinos which offer good wagering requirements, they do exist so just stick to it and keep going and you will find the one which will suit you. 

Sometimes, it can also be worth choosing to go with a casino that has not got a huge brand name attached to it, as even the best and biggest casino houses do not offer as low a wager requirement as a gamer would prefer or feel the ideal. The way to do this is simply by checking out all of the terms and conditions that the casino will have published before signing up. 

How slot wagering requirements are calculated 

While figuring out the world of slot wagering requirements when it comes to slot games, it can be a little confusing to fully understand what these mean and how they are calculated, along with why they are in place altogether. 

Slot wagering requirements are given as a multiplier in most cases, just like online slot bonuses. So you manage to find an online casino which gives players a bonus of £100, with a wagering requirement is 4x. This means to figure that one out, just multiply the bonus by the requirement and you have the amount that must be wagered in order to claim the bonus.

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