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Smart investments for a productive home office

Looking to improve your productivity at home? There could be many different tech-related investments that could help you get work done faster, more efficiently, and help you stay organized.

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An ergonomic mouse and keyboard

Typing for hours every day is going to strain your hands. Not only does typing put your hands in an uncomfortable position, but moving your hand over to your mouse constantly is also going to cause issues in the long run. This is why it’s important to invest in an ergonomic mouse and keyboard to help you avoid those long-term physical problems. An ergo mouse isn’t expensive and is much more comfortable than a regular mouse, and keyboards can be shaped to help reduce strain in your wrists.

You might also want to invest in a quality keyboard that will last a long time to save money in the long run.

Cloud storage options

If you’re going to be working from home then it’s important to invest in a cloud storage option. This is because you might have situations where you need to access important work-related data or files, but you can’t because they’re stored locally on your computer or laptop. It makes sharing work a lot easier, and it also means you can invite people to collaborate on documents and projects.

Investing in cloud storage is an absolute must since it’ll save you money and increase your productivity drastically.

A tablet device

A tablet can actually be extremely helpful when it comes to improving your productivity, but it depends on your uses for it. For example, if you regularly have to annotate documents and take notes, then a tablet with a pen can be extremely useful since it’s far more natural and quicker to take notes.

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It can also be helpful if you need to leave your computer for a moment but still want to continue reading some documents. A tablet can be had for a very low price these days, so it’s well worth the investment if you can get one on sale. Use this together with your cloud storage options and you can get work done anywhere in the house.

Monitor arm

Your monitor should have some kind of movement options if you want it to be comfortable to use. You don’t want to sit in a position where you’re stressing your neck just to look at something. You want it to be equal to your eye level, which is where a monitor arm can help. These are inexpensive and can attach to the majority of computer monitors.

However, if you’re not looking to spend too much money, then a good alternative is to just put your monitor on a box or a few books to raise it up a few inches to meet your eye level. Alternatively, if you’re using a laptop, then placing it on a small pile of books or a box and connecting an external keyboard and mouse can also be a good option.

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