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Staying fit during business trips isn’t hard with these tips

A proper fitness routine can help you deal with the constant work stress. Follow these easy tips.

If you work 24 by 7 and work keeps you away from home frequently, you might find it challenging to follow a fitness program. 

You’re juggling work, meetings, and trying to get proper rest with whatever little time that’s left; there’s simply no time for anything else, especially if you take frequent business trips. But dedication and planning can help you stay in shape. 

A proper fitness routine can also help you deal with the constant work stress with these easy tips:

1. Plan ahead

You don’t have to overpack just because you want to stay fit when you are traveling. Since business travel usually requires traveling light, it’s not sustainable to take your dumbbells and kettlebells along to exercise whenever you leave for a trip. 

Instead, take sensible walking shoes with you to go for a morning or evening walk in the hotel. You can do some research, see if the hotel has a gym, and travel with gym shoes and socks. 

Another good idea is to pack compression socks with you when you travel. Compression socks like copper compression socks can be your best friend when you travel. They will not only help you recover from aches and pains a post-workout but if you’re going to be on your feet the whole day because of work, copper will also aid in reducing sweat and odor build-up in your shoes. 

2. Incorporate exercise into your routine

The hotel you might be staying at might not have gym facilities. If so, you can always rely on exercise videos on YouTube or do yoga in your hotel room. If your hotel is near a park or a trail, you can go for a jog. If there is a pool nearby, then you can go for a swim. 

Not having access to a gym doesn’t have to limit your exercise options; you need to plan your work schedule better, so you have time to workout. 

3. Stay active during your travel too

Sitting at one place during a long journey can cause you health problems like swelling in your feet and ankles, and bad back pain. You should take little breaks during your flight or train journey and do a bit of walking around the plane aisle or train carriage at regular intervals to stretch your legs. 

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Suppose you suffer from low blood circulation disorders like deep vein thrombosis (DVT), venous eczema, and edema. In that case, it is a good idea to wear compression socks to help make long journeys more bearable. These socks can help stimulate blood circulation, prevent swellings and aches caused by sitting in an uncomfortable posture for a long time.

4. Watch what you eat and stay hydrated

When you’re going on a work trip, you might have very limited options to eat, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat unhealthily. If it seems like your hotel doesn’t have any health-conscious dishes on its menu, visit the nearest grocery store to pick up a few essentials like fruits and other healthy treats so that you don’t have to break your diet. Another option would be to look for healthier meal options at restaurants nearby. Don’t forget to stay hydrated when you’re traveling, and make sure you don’t consume too many sugary drinks. If you’re tempted to drink, go for alternatives like fresh juices and smoothies. 

When you’re in a different city to work, and you break away from your daily routine, it’s easy to forget that the same rules apply to you as they did back home. The bottom line of keeping fit when traveling is to plan your trip carefully and take a little time out for yourself even when you are working. 

Rory Donnelly – Rory is the R&D Director and passionate entrepreneur, fascinated by the workings of the human body and natural solutions for common health problems. He’s single-minded in his aim to make Copper Defence a brand that’s recognized across the globe, by partnering with global brands to make these high-tech materials easily accessible for everyone. If you’d like to get in touch, email Rory at or visit for copper-infused clothing, pet accessories and more.

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