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Survey reveals 85% of singles intentionally seeking steady partner

Pre-pandemic, almost half (40%) of women were guilty of partaking in dating without intention. But post-pandemic, a majority (85%) are intentionally seeking a steady partner.

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Single women have changed their approach to dating since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic – and women have confirmed that nice guys don’t always finish last., part of the Dating Group and the company behind numerous online dating sites, announced data from its latest survey, revealing single women have changed their approach to dating in a COVID-19 world. Standout survey results included: 

  • Pre-pandemic, almost half (40%) of women were guilty of partaking in dating without intention.
  • Post-pandemic, a majority (85%) are intentionally seeking a steady partner.
  • 30% have changed their relationship goals because of last year’s dating experiences. 
  • A majority of respondents (77%) said they aren’t interested in settling for anyone who doesn’t meet their dating standards, even in the short term.
  • 58% of women go on dates based on the number of interactions they have with a match, while 47% will go on a date purely based on physical attractiveness
  • While 60% of single women were open to short-term flings pre-pandemic, now 85% of them are seeking a stable relationship.

During the pandemic, life slowed down and forced singles to evaluate what’s truly important to them. found that women are increasingly looking for a potential partner to develop a meaningful long-term connection with. The online dating giant’s findings point to the following trends:

  • Many single women cited feeling “drained” by serial dating with no clear intentions in mind. More than ever before, women are prioritizing meaningful connections rather than entertaining casual, one-sided relationships.
  • Rather than wasting time waiting for attractive potential dates to respond, single women are more likely to invest their time in those who proactively and frequently engage them in conversations on the site, regardless of their potential dates’ appearance. 
  • Single women shared that with “nice guys,” they never feel confused about whether their prospect is interested, the status of the relationship, and where it’s headed – whether or not labels have been specifically discussed. 
  • After the last year and a half, single women shared that they are now more attracted to dates who are consistent and dependable. Women expressed that a relationship with someone who guarantees stability is key amid Covid and ongoing uncertainty. 

“Intentionality is the new trend in dating,” said Maria Sullivan, Vice President and Dating Expert of “Over the past year and a half, singles have turned their focus inward, and reflected on many important aspects of their lives – including online dating. A significant portion of these women have realized that they only want to make genuine connections, and they have redefined what they feel might be their ‘perfect match’. They’re excited to get back out there, but they’re also setting aside time to really get to know their dates – from their values to what they want in life and most importantly, what their relationship goals are for the near future.”


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