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Take a once-in-a-lifetime trip along the Pacific Coast

If you love traveling and have been thinking of taking a once in a lifetime trip, consider planning an adventure along the beautiful Pacific Coast.

If you love traveling and have been thinking of taking a once in a lifetime trip, consider planning an adventure along the beautiful Pacific Coast. The western shores of the United States offer some of the most spectacular views in the country, as endless ocean comes roaring into sandy beaches and rocky cliffs. The wide-open vistas will rejuvenate you and the beautiful towns along the way will captivate you with their charm. 

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Gualala, California

As you travel the coastal highway to Gualala, you’ll be mesmerized by the beautiful ocean views. Each slow turn of the highway reveals a new scene that fills you with awe. Gualala is a small hamlet on the ocean road and is a wonderful place to spend your first nights. Hotels on the ocean cliffs offer beautiful rooms with decks or balconies and come complete with romantic jacuzzi tubs for two. 

When you are in Gualala it truly feels like time stands still. Whales can be seen at Whale Watch Point or at the 150-year-old Point Arena Lighthouse a short drive north. There is also a Pygmy forest along the coast with pines, cypress and even miniature redwood trees. 

Mendocino, California

A little over an hour north, you will find the artist village of Mendocino. Everything is picture postcard beautiful in this special place. There are stately country B&Bs and wonderful little shops and art galleries. You can get an espresso and a wonderful baked treat at a local spot and enjoy time people watching as you sit on the patio. It’s incredibly peaceful and blissful in Mendocino. Once you pass the small shops you’ll be at the cliffs where the ocean meets the deep blue sea. 

The sound of the ocean, the white water churning below and the horizon with the curve of the Earth seem perfect, like they were crafted by an artist’s hand. In the evening you can enjoy a great meal and retire to your accommodation for a great night’s sleep.

Gold Beach, Oregon

As you go further north along the western coast, the ocean scenery begins to change. The beaches seem wilder and you’ll find forests along the shore. There are arch rocks and offshore rock formations that are magnificent. Soon after you cross into Oregon, you’ll reach the idyllic town of Gold Beach. Visiting Gold Beach is like stepping back in time, and it may make a case to be one of the friendliest towns in America. There are perfect, quiet beaches and the wild Rogue River also empties into the sea at Gold Beach. There’s an amazing, two story bookstore in town with a great coffee shop. It’s wonderful to grab a book and a mocha and sit in one of the upholstered chairs there in the afternoon sunlight. 

If you want to add some action to your day, schedule a Jet Boat ride up the wild Rogue River. You’ll rocket along at 60 mph at times and then slow to glide through beautiful canyons and cliffs as eagles and ospreys circle above.


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