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Taking a different point of view

You can place different people in the exact situation, yet all of them might recount the situation differently and act in various ways as well.

The way you perceive your surroundings is determined by various factors, including your convictions, background, and vision. After all, how you perceive a situation is frequently determined by what you pay attention to and how those stimuli are processed and integrated within your brain, ultimately impacting how you’d respond.

The example highlights that you can place different people in the exact situation, yet all of them might recount the situation differently and act in various ways as well. 

Putting on a different pair of glasses

The idea of peeking into someone’s brain and seeing the world through their eyes, so to speak, can be quite tempting. While it’ll probably never be truly possible to fully comprehend how others view the world, the first step to gaining insight into someone else’s perspective is through communication. If you’re willing to listen to what people have to say, the chances are that you’ll get a better understanding of how they’d perceive certain situations. As various factors contribute to perception, there is no single answer when it comes to changing your own perception. Whether you start by attempting to steer your attention to other environmental inputs or by consciously evaluating what you perceive, it’s a process that isn’t as easy as simply putting on someone else’s glasses. 

The importance of vision

Moreover, while perception is a multisensory process that requires integrating the perceived stimuli into your brain, vision forms a crucial part of it. Seeing and having functioning vision can allow you to be part of a shared reality, as you’re able to connect an image to other contextual stimuli, such as smells or noises. Watching people see for the first time can emphasize just how fascinating it is to perceive your surrounding with your eyes as well.  It can truly be an exceptional experience, which does not only facilitate day-to-day actions but also enriches your perception of the world. 

Take care of what you have

If you can count yourself amongst one of the lucky people who have normal or corrected to normal vision, then you should try to maintain it to the best of your ability. Undertaking preventative measures should consequently definitely be on your radar. 

As you might find yourself increasingly working from home and seated in front of a screen, taking regular breaks to give your eyes some time to rest can help greatly. Moreover, adjusting your screen lighting, for example, by using flux, can further make it easier on your eyes to stand the increased screen time. If you do experience dry eyes and the sensation of tiredness, then you should both seek out advice on what eye drops would be best to use and whether further medical intervention is necessary. 

Beyond your remote office, your eyes are also particularly sensitive to sunlight and specifically UV light. While your sunglasses might look good, it’s nonetheless important to ensure that they’re also blocking UV rays sufficiently. Otherwise, you might not be able to see how much you’re rocking the look in the years to come. If you’re already wearing glasses, you can further support your eyes by adding a coating to your lens. Experts, such as Shady Grove Eye and Vision Clinic, offer further tips on recommended coatings. 

See for yourself

The exciting aspect about not seeing things through your friends’ and even strangers’ eyes is the opportunity to learn about their different points of view and take a different angle on things. By sharing how you perceive and see things, you can invite others into your own world one conversation at a time. This can be enriching by itself as you’re able to add more nuance and perspective to your own perception of the world. If this makes you appreciate your vision just a little bit more, then don’t forget to treat your eyes nicely to have them around for as long as possible.

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