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Taking chances

When @poz_angel met “Sir”, he decided to lay his cards on the table, even if “there is always that part of you that hesitates (to disclose) but you just have to be honest to someone that you like and to someone whom you want to share your life with.” And in the end, love conquered.

I don’t believe in the three months rule. I don’t believe in the one that got away. I believe in destiny.

Two months ago, “love” and I broke up. When trust and honesty is compromised, you just have to let go.

And little did I know that cupid has another plan for me. He introduced me to a very nice and wonderful guy.

“Sir”, as i fondly call him, and he refers to me as “Boss”. I knew from the instant that I met him online that he is a nice guy. But we have been talking on and off through Viber. He would call me and we will be talking endlessly – about our life and dreams.

“Sir” is non-showbiz, that’s how me and my friends refer a non-reactive guy. I started to like “Sir” – his sincerity, his kindness, and most of all, he knows what he wants in life and he knows what to do to get to where he wants to be. And so the big dilemma arises – to disclose or not.

We had dinner last night (October 29) and this is the first time that we will be meeting. I felt comfortable with him and I can say that he is too. And I knew that I have to make that one big decision – disclosure. And so I did. I told “Sir” everything. I laid my cards on the table, everything that he needs to know about me and my status. It wasn’t easy. There is always that part of you that hesitates but you just have to be honest to someone that you like and to someone whom you want to share your life with.

And so I took the chance. I took that one big leap (not just a baby step). And he whole-heartedly accepted me, for who I am, for what I am and for what I am not. Every flaws and imperfection.

In life, we were given a lot of chances. The question is, are you willing to take it and how much risk can you take?

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I took my chance. I am taking the risk. I know that it will not be easy, and I am willing to learn. Life is not about always being on the safe side. It is about taking a gamble. It is not about winning or loosing, it is who you are playing it with. And what’s important is you are playing and getting along each other perfectly fine. It’s standing beside that one person and both of you are looking at the same direction, looking forward on that journey. A long and bumpy one – and for as long as you are together, everything will be okay.

“Sir” will be leaving soon to pursue his dreams in a foreign land. It is part of the package. And I am willing to take it. That’s another risk. And this is the first time I will be doing a long distance relationship. We will make it work. We will take this journey together.

This is another chance – on life and on love. And I gladly took the chance. As I said in Twitter before, say JUMP and I’ll ask “How high?”

Don’t be afraid to take chances, don’t be afraid to take risks, don’t be afraid to get hurt. Learning and loving is not about being on the safe side. We grow by taking chances and learning from the experience.

Live. Laugh. Love. This is life.


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