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The annoyances of modern gaming and gaming tech

It doesn’t matter what game or what platform you use, there are always things making life more annoying than it should be. Here are just some of the main annoyances we’re referring to.

Modern gaming is growing every year because gaming is becoming more widespread and mainstream. The industry is now about as big as the Hollywood movie industry, which shows you how big it is these days. However, there are still plenty of big and little annoyances that you’re going to be faced with as a gamer.

It doesn’t matter what game or what platform you use, there are always things making life more annoying than it should be. Here are just some of the main annoyances we’re referring to.

Online Lag

Anyone who’s played a game online will understand the annoyance that comes with experiencing online lag when you’re trying to play a game. The slowdowns and unplayable game pay will quickly have you wanting to throw your controller through your TV screen, but you probably shouldn’t do that. Sadly, all you can do is look after your own internet setup, and remember than a wired ethernet connection is best.


This is surely the biggest issue in gaming culture right now. Everyone hates microtransactions, except for the incredibly rich people who like to spend tons of money on those in-game extras. For most gamers, the cost of the game itself should be enough, and that should entitle them to the full contents of the game. But it’s increasingly clear that the big game companies don’t see it that way.

Rushed Games With Broken Mechanics

This is another issue that’s becoming more and more common. Games seem to have a release date set regardless of how close to being finished they are. Do you want to play a game that clearly hasn’t been finished by the developers? I know I sure don’t. It’s common for a patch to come out shortly after release, but why not just wait and send out the game when it’s properly finished?

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PC Gamer Headaches

PC gamers experience a whole other set of problems compared to other people such as console gamers. One big issue is when geforce experience unable to connect to nvidia pops up on your screen. That and other issues don’t happen when you’re playing a PS4 or an Xbox One. However, there are other benefits associated with PC gaming, so you’ll just have to learn about what those messages mean and how you can resolve them.

Other People’s Incompetence

Team games can be a lot of fun when the experience goes well. However, the experience doesn’t always go well; sometimes it can go very badly indeed. That’s something that you should be aware of if you’re going to dive into a big online team game. People are not always as good as you are or as good as you want them to be. They could be new to the game, and you just have to accept that.

Rage quitting is commonplace in modern gaming, but it’s far from the only annoyances gamers have to contend with these days. If it were up to us, games would take away those frustrating elements that cause problems, but we can only wish that the day will eventually come when that’s the case.


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