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The Best 5 Days to Find Love as Told by Psychic

A known psychic, Inbaal Honigman, discusses the best days to find new love. She underlines the term “new moon,” saying it is the best moment to say your feeling to someone you deeply love and care about.

Have you ever tried to find new love, but the results are quite disappointing? Maybe you’re just in not suitable days!

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A known psychic, Inbaal Honigman, has told us about the best days to find new love. She underlines the term “new moon,” saying it is the best moment to say your feeling to someone you deeply love and care about.

She said that the new moons are the signs of a new beginning, meaning that someone may finally be ready to open their hearts to you. If you really want somebody to be yours forever, taking them on a date under a new moon might be a great idea.

The Zodiac and New Moons

She later explained that we actually have different new moons for different zodiacs according to the date. For example, in February, the highlighted zodiac is Aquarius. If you want to plan a date with an Aquarius, you better do it when the new moon comes, the first of February. She advised people to make a direct approach and plan a date to specific locations like museums or operas.

A short story about Inbaal, she said in an interview that she was original from Isreal. At first, she wasn’t a true believer or mystical stuff and was even completely unfamiliar with the topic since she was raised that way.

However, she realized that she had something in her, a spiritual gift. She later mentioned that the signs really benefit them. For example, when she was taking a test, she noted that she always knew the answer. Of course, everyone simply thought she was a bright girl, but it wasn’t the case with Inbaal.

She said that she wasn’t only dreamed about the predictions but also manifested them. In fact, she has done it so many times in her life.

The moment when she knew she was blessed with a git was when she was diagnosed with infertility. Despite the concerning health condition, she’s managed to have two children, all naturally.

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Now that she knows about her ability, she wants to share her ability and understanding about when’s the best time to establish a relationship. You know, you may find different psychic websites out there. However, site for online psychic readings can be limited, and thus we highly recommend hearing advice from the best psychics, including her. Share your thoughts, and they will know the rest.

The Best 5 Days to Find Love

She always said that the best times to look for new love are when new moons happen. She said that it’s the best time for people to be closer to the ones they love the most. Since the new moon symbolizes a new beginning, it could be the best opportunity to grow their love as well; opening the next chapter of their love story.

So, what are those five best days?

We know that there are seven days a week, with some good and some bad. Inball stated that every day is blessed and noted that every day has a certain influence on romance. She further explained that the days are named after ancient Gods and Goddesses.

She recommended something for people who want to say their love. She said the best day could probably be Friday, which is named after Freyja, Goddess of Love. If you want to have your very first day, she mentioned picking this very day. However, she also told us that Saturdays are also great times for love to bloom.

And talking about Saturday, she said that the day was named after Saturn, A God that’s known to be mature and serious. When the big plans are coming, you better do it on Saturdays. It’s also fitting since most people will have free time on Saturdays.

Later on, she also mentioned the five best days to send love starting in March. These dates are:

  • March 2, which is the new moon for Pisces
  • April 1, the new moon for Aries
  • April 30, the new moon for Taurus
  • May 30, the new moon for Gemini
  • And finally, June 29, the new moon for Cancer.

As you can see, the new moons in this term usually happen on either the first or the last day of the month. Look for the zodiac of your love, the month, and apply the same rule to find your best day!

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