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The best ways to celebrate 13 milestone birthdays

How you celebrate will often depend on the personal preferences of whoever is celebrating. If this is you, this is simple; but if you’re planning for a loved one, you may need to talk to them about what they would and would not enjoy.

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There are a lot of milestone birthdays to enough throughout our lives. Finding the right way to celebrate each is so important. Whether you’re planning for your own celebration or someone else’s, there’s always a way to make a milestone birthday extra special. We typically get more milestone celebrations in the first 21 years of our lives because of the major life changes we go through during those years.

How you celebrate will often depend on the personal preferences of whoever is celebrating. If this is you, this is simple; but if you’re planning for a loved one, you may need to talk to them about what they would and would not enjoy.

1st Birthday

A first birthday celebration is one of the easiest to plan since the guest of honor is unlikely to be too fussy about the décor and activities. One excellent option is a cake smash party accompanied by a professional photo shoot to make the memories last.

This celebration has become popular in recent years and is a fun, lighthearted activity for the baby and family. You could also consider having a party, but this is more likely to be of benefit to the parents and relatives than the baby.

13th Birthday

Turning 13 is a major milestone as a child starts to make their journey towards adulthood. At this age, teens will most likely want to do something grown up with their friends, so a trip to the cinema or a theme park, where they will have some independence from adult supervision, can be ideal.

Throwing a party for a 13-year-old can be tricky, as you will need to get the balance between a kid’s and adult’s party right. Too childish, and the 13-year-old might feel embarrassed, too grown up, and it may be inappropriate. It is best to work with the birthday boy or girl to ensure you get the party right.

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18th Birthday

An 18th birthday is always a big deal, as a young person officially moves from childhood to adulthood. With this age often comes college, a move away from home, and employment. If you’re planning an 18th birthday celebration, you might consider something exciting and different like renting a party bus or even a large house for a weekend away.

21st Birthday

21 is the first age that the guest of honor can legally have a drink to celebrate their big day. For this reason, a 21st birthday party is often best celebrated with a night out at a popular bar. The guest of honor may also benefit from increased funds since they will have been working for a few years, so it could be a good idea to organize a more elaborate celebration. This is also one of the first birthdays that a young adult can celebrate in a more traditionally ‘adult’ way with friends and relatives.

30th Birthday

Turning 30 is a huge milestone and is often the age when people start to consider settling down and leaving their wilder 20s behind them. To show the transition from young adult to fully-fledged adult, many people enjoy celebrating with a meal at a classy restaurant with drinks afterwards at a popular cocktail bar. It’s not compulsory to celebrate maturely, however, with many 30-somethings unashamedly enjoying some of the fun activities of their childhoods like laser tag or go-karting.

40th Birthday

40 is often the first major milestone birthday that people celebrate after starting a family. This means a quieter, more intimate celebration may be more fitting than the wilder parties of previous milestones. A great way to help a loved one with kids celebrate their 40th could be to babysit the kids while they and their partner go out together for some quality time.

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50th Birthday

One of the biggest milestones to celebrate, turning 50 is often a reason to throw a huge party. You can go as extravagant or low-key as you like for a 50th birthday, as long as the activities are what the guest of honor would want. This can range from celebratory vacations to wild parties to relaxed family dinners. You can find some incredible 50th birthday party ideas from the party experts over at Greenvelope.

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60th Birthday

By the time we turn 60, we usually have more control over our lives than in our younger years. The kids are grown, the career is settled, and finances are less perilous than they used to be. This can be the ideal year to celebrate with a big family cookout or barbeque, where the guest of honor can be surrounded by their kids, grandkids and all their other precious loved ones.

A family vacation can also be a great idea, as it allows the guest of honor to really connect with their loved ones and enjoy quality time together, making memories. Consider the different destinations you could select and ensure they will be suitable for all the guests.

65th Birthday

65 was traditionally the age when people would retire, though many people work later into life. Still, it is as good a reason as any to celebrate a landmark birthday and enjoy the fun with family and friends. This could be a more low-key affair than the large celebration for a 60th birthday but can be every bit as fun.

70th Birthday

A 70th birthday can be an excellent opportunity to try something new. This could be a vacation in a never-before visited country or even something thrill-seeking like going skydiving. Turning 70 can be the perfect time to switch it up and start making your way through your bucket list.

There are even short-term rental properties available to give you the experience of a lifetime. You could look for a casino-style short-term rental, one that is big enough to house you and your loved ones. Hiring croupiers could finish off the glam experience of having your own private casino.

80th Birthday

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Reaching the age of 80 is a monumental achievement, and the guest of honor will have a lifetime of memories to treasure. Some people might want to take it easy for their 80th, while others may still want to party the night away. Inviting plenty of close loved ones is crucial, as quality time together can get harder as we get older.

90th Birthday

At 90, people have experienced so much, and there are not many ways to celebrate that will be completely novel. A garden party can be a great option, and if the guest of honor has difficulties with mobility, throwing this party at their home can be ideal. You could also make a scrapbook or memory book of some of the special moments from throughout their life. Remember to leave some blank pages so that photos from the party and big moments afterwards can be added.

100th Birthday

Possibly the biggest milestone on this list and one that not everyone gets to reach, turning 100 is and should be a big deal. Doing something big for a 100th birthday is crucial, provided that’s what the guest of honor wants. A good way to truly celebrate such a momentous birthday could be by spreading the celebrations out over a week or more. You could host smaller gatherings during this time so the guest of honor can spend plenty of quality time with all involved.


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