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The Hottest Looks to Try This Spring Break

Below are some of the hottest looks you can try out.

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Spring break? Can’t wait! 

The longed-for time of the year has come, and you are now able to leave behind all of your stressful responsibilities, forget the bounden suppressions and let yourself free to party and drink or just rest and chill, but above all absorb a great amount of sunlight and why not, travel as well.

Taking these into consideration, we are not surprised if you want to pay extra attention to your look during the spring break, follow the latest fashion trends, and secure your spot for adapting at least one of this year’s hottest looks! In any case, it is a good time to experiment and find the most suitable for you for the upcoming summer!

Having always as a priority the ease of our readers, we made our little research to adduce below some of the hottest looks you can try out, and some tips to implement that will take off your appearance!

1. Denim on Denim

With vintage and retro aesthetic rising in popularity (truth be told the fashion currents repeat themselves from time to time, and it makes total sense), we couldn’t forget a total denim outfit out of our list. Wearing denim on denim, aka the “Canadian tuxedo”, creates a casual yet stylish look. Despite selecting the suitable fit for your body type, you can express out your playful mood by combining textures or different washes and layering in the right way.

2. Sun-Kissed Glow

Why wait until the heart of the summer to get the so-desired sun-kissed shade to your face (and body) that will boost your fresh youth look and enhance your unique facial features? You can implement some beauty products that guarantee the wanted result. Blend some warm-tone bronzer in either matte or satin finished with the according highlighter, and mimic the footprint of the sun embracing your skin.
As the blending combination is personalized and further requires several attempts, navigate through all the available products of Fotopharmacy and ask for some expertise help if needed.

3. The Sheer Delight

Give up any doubts regarding your body as well as feelings of shame and conservatism, and try out this year’s highest trend; transparent clothing. Varying from simple short or long sleeve plain shirts to glitter- bodysuits and tight dresses of all lengths, sheer clothing is an excellent choice for creating intriguing and ethereal looks.
The right layering, balanced colour-blend and careful choice of jewellery and accessories, is necessary to complement your total look without leading to overwhelm.

4. Pastel Eye Shadows

If you spend only a few time daily on Instagram or TikTok, watching content relative to cosmetics or fashion photography, it’s impossible to not having noticed the bold tendency to give looks a groovy and cheerful aesthetic, by emphasizing the eyes, adding coloured eyeliner and pastel eyeshadows. Think of the colour that you like and matches your outfit, and just select a much more faded tone of it. Lavender, mint green, baby blue or soft pink are great for a touch of whimsy. 

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