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Love Affairs

The language of love: When diverse cultures come together

If you’re in a relationship and experiencing communication barriers then take a few hints here and start joining together as one.

The beauty of love is that it can happen to the most unlikely of couples. People can come together in the strangest of circumstances and begin a beautiful relationship, which could be deemed as unexpected. The truth is that, romance can come in many different forms and when two cultures come together it can be a magical adventure. Of course, there are hurdles to overcome such as differing beliefs and language barriers, but these things can be easily solved.

If you’re in a relationship and experiencing communication barriers then take a few hints here and start joining together as one.

Calm Communicating

Are you feeling frustrated that you can’t quite understand what your partner is saying? Can they not understand you too? Both of you might benefit from taking a pronunciation course. This will allow you to become more fluent in the language you’re trying to speak. Taking a course like this will help you to refine any skills that you have already picked up. Often it is the minor details in language that cause the most misunderstandings and confusion. Perhaps you want to make a speech at a birthday party or you are afraid of offending them with your errors in diction.

Speaking face to face involves many other communicative aspects such as facial expressions, hand gestures and body language, so these will help you to convey your message as well. Once you have managed to secure the smaller details of pronunciation in your mind you will be able to carry out more fluid conversation.

Family Respect

Meeting the family members of somebody you have fallen in love with is a very daunting thought. It is even more daunting when their family speaks another language or grew up in a different culture. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself when meeting them for the first time. Get some hints and tips from your other half and get to know what their family might like to talk about. Don’t go in with a fully prepared speech, but have a few conversation starters ready to go. As soon as they see how much you respect their culture and the effort you are making, they will soon warm up to you.

Exploring Together

When two different cultures come together as one the most exciting things is exploring each other’s traditions. Take a walk in one another’s shoes and travel to places which mean to the most to them. Experience as many authentic parts of their life and culture as you can, so that you can begin to truly understand where they came from and how they grew up. Respect every aspect of their belief system even if it is completely opposing to yours. Open up your mind and be willing to learn new traditions as a couple.

Learning about people who are different to us is the most endearing and beautiful thing we can do. Appreciating other cultures and languages sets us up to live a diverse and fulfilled life. Start your journey now and fill your mind with new experiences, languages and traditions.

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