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The most and the least expensive states for vehicle insurance rates

If your moving plans are not already set in stone, it can be useful to understand where you’ll unlock both the cheapest and most expensive vehicle insurance rates.

Especially if you’re considering a move sometime soon, knowing what types of bills you’ll be saddled with at your new home is always a smart move. One of the biggest expenses many drivers struggle with month-to-month are their vehicle insurance premiums, and the rates that occur on top of those.

If your moving plans are not already set in stone, it can be useful to understand where you’ll unlock both the cheapest and most expensive vehicle insurance rates.

Most Expensive States

1. Louisiana

Just this past year, Louisiana finally topped the list of the most expensive states to insure your vehicle in. Average premiums are often up to 99% more expensive than the average national vehicle insurance costs. Even in the last year alone, insurance premiums went up by a whopping average of 19%. To make matters worse, more than ten percent of drivers in the state are on the roads completely uninsured. Because the state does not regulate the insurance industry tightly, the prices have been able to ramp up in an incredibly damaging manner. However, residents are hoping that the insurance situation in the state will soon become more bearable.

2. Michigan

Michigan has made the top spot on this list for nearly a decade, but it’s recently been dethroned by Louisiana (and Michiganers could not be happier about that fact. Even still, the state ranks as one of the absolute worst places to insure your vehicle and remains insanely expensive even with an average deduction of 27% on many peoples’ premiums. Without the amount of savings staying steady for several years, however, it will still take quite a while for Michigan to fix the current insurance pricing crises it’s facing.

3. Florida

Florida has been consistently ranking in third place on this list for years. Those in the Sunshine state are seeing their insurance premiums lowering by rates of about 10% a year, but are still struggling to find reasonable rates that do not burst their budgets month-after-month. However, new laws are being formed in the state to help alleviate some of the burdens that end up making the Floridians’ insurance bills in such a high, frustrating state. Being safe and knowing what to do after an accident happens are some of the best ways to keep your insurance rates low.

Least Expensive States

1. Maine

The mostly-rural nature of Maine makes it a cheap, friendly place to get vehicle insurance. There’s a more competitive nature to the insurance game in Maine due to how low prices tend to get. Basically, it pays off to compare rates and search around for the best rates when you’re driving in Maine. Some insurers have even seen their average policy prices lowering over the last decade, which is an honor that few other states can claim when it comes to vehicle insurance. The incredibly low number of drivers who are uninsured on Maine roads is one of the main reasons the state is so cheap to insure yourself in, and as long as this number remains low, so will the rates insurers can offer.

2. New Hampshire

Although not as rural as Maine, the more down-to-Earth, less industry and tourism-focused nature of New Hampshire makes it a cheap place to insure your vehicle. Some premiums are dropping at rates that are nearly comparable to those in Maine, and the percentage of uninsured drivers are just slightly higher than they are in Maine. What makes New Hampshire one of the cheapest places to get insured is its friendly nature, low-accident rates and much, much safer roads as well. The Governors of the state often tout these benefits and rates as a reason to visit (and relocate to) the state of New Hampshire.

3. Wisconsin

Not quite as rural as Maine, but much more rural than New Hampshire, Wisconsin is also home to a lot more industry than the above two states. The work-friendly attitude of the state tries to keep costs down for drivers, and lower insurance premiums help the state to achieve just this. The way the state is hyper-prepared for harsher weather conditions helps lower these types of accidents, and makes insurance rates much lower as well. That being said, there are many more uninsured drivers in Wisconsin than in New Hampshire and Maine (as it ends up ranking 19th on the list of states with the most uninsured drivers).

Cut Your Insurance Rates Today

Even if you move to a state that is notorious for high insurance rates, there are always ways you can lower your insurance rates. Knowing how your car, driving record, personal life and more affects the bottom line of your insurance rates is incredibly important due to this fact. Thankfully, there is more potential than ever before for drivers to knock some serious bucks off of their insurance bills each month.

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