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The Pokémon saga as the most popular movement

Some of the precious things we experienced during childhood are also among the main reasons Pokémon was created. Now popular, Pokémon’s popularity just continues growing.

There are precious things to every one of us. Some of those precious things are things and stuff we experienced during our childhood. That sense of nostalgia for the fun and excitement that we felt during those years is something many people hold dear. It is also the main reason Pokémon was created.

The founder of Game Freak and the man who came up with the idea of Pokémon was Satoshi Tajiri. Like a young boy, he did what many Japanese kids did during that era: collect bugs. Mostly during summer, he would collect all kinds of insects or insect shells. It was reportedly so thrilling to him, and it excited him beyond anything else he had experienced.

Upon seeing various popular Game Boy games at that time, he came up with an idea about a game where the main goal was to catch as many creatures as possible

But then, he also remembered another thing from his youth: the popular TV show for children and young adults, Ultraman. Ultraman was a fighter for justice, thwarting evil ways in every episode. But he didn’t do it alone, he had various kinds of monsters in capsules. He would use them depending on the enemy of the week. Each had its pluses and minuses; or in other words, fire monsters were good against ice monsters, and water monsters did great against fire monsters. It is that dynamic that will be key for developing the Pokémon fight system and the various kinds of Pokémon in the future. He titled his project Capsule Monsters. But, due to some copyright issues, they had to change it to Pocket Monsters or Pokémon.

Pokémon really has a better going to it than the proposed Capmon. And we’re sure that Capcom, another popular game company from Japan, wouldn’t be too thrilled with a rival company with such a similar name.

Tajiri and his band of friends formed Game Freak and worked on the game for over six years. During those years, they had many, many meetings with Nintendo, but Nintendo always saw faults with the game, and they had to go back to the development board and redo it for God knows how many times.

It was a challenging era for Game Freak. They were on the edge of bankruptcy all the time. Many of their workers had to quit because they weren’t getting paid regularly and had bills that were due. Even the founder of Pokémon, Tajiri, spent many hours working without getting any money.

But it proved to be worth it.

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In 1996, the game featuring the now-iconic Pokémon font finally hit the market. The font itself played a huge role in the success of Pokémon. It has its distinct, alive and playful style that just sets Pokémon apart from anything else.

If you want to enjoy the font or are a Pokémon fan, be sure to download Pokémon fonts — not just the regular one, but also the one based on the ancient letter like Pokémon Incognito.

The game wasn’t a huge success right off the bat. But in a stroke of fortune, the thing that made the game popular was the thing that wasn’t even supposed to be in the game in the first place, Mew. Initially, there were supposed to be 150 Pokémon, but the creators added an additional one, thinking nobody would find it, and they would present it at a special event. But gamers did find it. And the search for Mew became such a big deal that the sales went through the roof.

Encouraged by the sales, they released a new game, the follow-up for Pokémon Red and Green, called Pokémon Blue. It had much better graphics and sound design. It also fixed some glaring glitches that the first two games had. After that, nothing was able to stop the Pokémon avalanche.

The animé series soon followed. The series did a wonderful thing by picking Pikachu as the starter Pokémon. It was this decision that propelled Pokémon to iconic status in the West. The cute, yellow electric mouse is one of the most popular characters ever created. Some people think that Pikachu is already more popular than the big mouse himself, Mickey Mouse. And so day by day, Pokémon and its popularity just keeps growing.

And if you want to grab some Pokemon games on your PC or Nintendo, the best way to do so for free is just to follow this link, which got everything you want.

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