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The Rise of Warzone 2: What to Expect from the Next Generation of the Popular Battle Royale Game

This year we are being treated to the release of Warzone 2. But what can we expect from the next generation of the popular Battle Royale game?

In 1996 the book ‘Battle Royale’ was released. The premise was simple. A group of people are placed into a huge arena and are forced to fight to the death until there is only one survivor. Years later the term Battle Royale has become its own genre of video games. Fortnite. PUBG. And many more games have adopted the Battle Royale system. And it is a fantastic idea for a video game.

After the huge success of Fortnite, nearly every game studio on the planet turned their hand towards making their own Battle Royale game or mode for their game. Fallout 76 had one. Minecraft has many Battle Royale custom game modes now available. And we are sure there will be many more released in the future.

Back in 2020 Activision released their own Battle Royale set in the Call of Duty universe. The game was called Warzone and it quickly became one of the most popular Battle Royale games on the market. But this year we are being treated to the release of Warzone 2. But what can we expect from the next generation of the popular Battle Royale game?

New Gulag Fights

The Gulag was one of the funnest parts of the original Warzone. And it is back in the sequel with a number of improvements. For those that don’t know, the Gulag is the area you are sent to when you die in the main game. Here you are offered a chance at revival by eliminating another player in the Gulag arena.

Warzone 2 has changed up the Gulag format. This time it will be a 2v2 battle. If your duo wins you both get to return to the battlefield. But there is another way to revive. After a short while a fifth player enters the match known as the Jailer. Eliminating them will allow all four players to revive. This adds a new level of tactics to the Gulag.

Better Game Stability

Every sequel always brings a huge number of technical improvements. One of the main ones is improved graphics. And Warzone 2 does look stunning. The game also has a vastly improved frame rate and makes better use of the Ray Tracing functionality of the PS4.

The game is also better at handling the use of cheats and hacks in private matches and custom games. Nearly all of the warzone 2 cheats now work perfectly well. The PC version of the game also has improved mod support as well. Allowing you to customize the game to your preference without worrying about it crashing.

The game also has improved its AI functionality massively as well. Now the Co-Op Vs AI mode is more challenging and worth checking out. Using machine learning, the AI can actively learn from your tactics and adapt to them in real time.

Improve Warzone Shop

One of the main elements of Warzone is the ability to earn money each round. This money stays with you between matches and can be spent on various abilities and gadgets during a match. But to do that you need to first find the shop.

Warzone has overhauled the shop system and added a number of new features. You can now pay for your dead teammates to be brought back, saving them from battling it out in the Gulag. You can also buy weapons that you have customized. Allowing you to adapt to the ever changing needs of the battlefield before you.

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Proximity Chat

One of the hottest new technical trends in multiplayer gaming is proximity chat. Valve was ahead of the curve on this one as they had this as a feature in Counter Strike for years. But now all the other major developers are latching on.

Proximity chat is just what it sounds like. Any player in the match will be able to hear the output from your mic based on their proximity to you. The closer they are the louder you will sound. This encourages players to think about what they say and when they say it. Do you share your plans with your teammates and risk being overheard?

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