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The Ultimate Guide to Your New Gaming Room Design

If you are a proud and dedicated gamer, then you will already be aware of the huge difference a dedicated gaming room, or at least a gaming area can make.

Some people simply do not understand the exciting and addictive draw to gaming, whether that be online on a laptop or desktop computer or through the use of a leading model of video game console.

However, if conversely, you are a proud and dedicated gamer, then you will already be aware of the huge difference a dedicated gaming room, or at least a gaming area can make.

With that being said, here is the ultimate guide to your new gaming room design.

Focus on Lighting

Perhaps the most important component of any sized gaming room is the correct level of ambiance and the atmosphere created by the right style of lighting.

Lighting increases the immersive, sensory experience of gaming, regardless of the genre of video games you play, and it would be wise to choose a mixture of different lighting fixtures and fittings, such as LED strips underneath the controller or keyboard, recessed lighting, and floor lighting, and avoid using any overhead ceiling lights.

In addition, it would also be an excellent idea to invest in thick, durable, yet moveable blackout drapes or blinds to avoid the annoying glare created between the window and the monitor.

Upgrade to Fiber Optic Internet

If you have never before enjoyed gaming with a much superior, faster, and altogether more reliable internet connection, then you will be, as of yet, entirely unaware that high-quality fiber optic internet improves gaming experience tenfold.

Just a few of the fabulous benefits of switching to fiber optic include the following:

  • A heightened level of reliability each time you connect
  • Compatibility with the latest HD televisions
  • Improved safety while online
  • Equal upload speed to download speed
  • Zero throttling

Avoid Buying Cheap Gaming Accessories

Never before has the saying ‘buy cheap; buy twice’ been more appropriate than in the context of gaming gear and accessories.

When it comes to gaming gear, make sure you conduct thorough research as to the types of monitors, charging packs, and controllers that are compatible with your existing system, and furthermore, always buy official accessories over cheap alternatives.

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You may also want to consider investing in an ergonomic, comfortable, and supportive gaming chair, which will not only look after your back, arms, and shoulders, but will also provide you with a handy place for drinks and snacks in the armrest.

Decorating Your Upgraded Gaming Room

Once the key elements of your new gaming oasis are in position, it is time to turn your attention to how you will decorate the space.

This is where your creativity can really be relied upon to fashion a personalized, entertaining space that is still conducive to focused gaming. Look for wall art that appeals to you and is still on-theme, as well as the addition of personal touches, such as photos with you and your family.

In addition, you could also consider investing in a mini fridge for ice-cold sodas, and do not forget that if you have a pet, keep a bed and water bowl in the room for gaming companionship!

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