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These are the weirdest and worst impacts of COVID-19

Let’s explore some of the weirdest side effects of this health pandemic.

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It’s true to say that COVID-19 and the health pandemic has rocked the world throughout 2020. It has led to numerous people suffering, either medically or financially. Indeed, the WHO recently warned that those most vulnerable to the economic dangers of COVID-19 are being completely overlooked in developing countries. Of course, the financial issues aren’t the only impact of COVID-19.

Let’s explore some of the weirdest side effects of this health pandemic. 


More Sex

We’ve mentioned this before. In the UK, there was essentially a sex ban unless you were married. However, this hasn’t stopped people from going out and getting freaky. Instead, it seems that more people are willing to throw caution to the wind now when it comes to sex.

Many experts are worried that COVID will trigger a new wave of sexual health diseases. Worse still, it’s fear that many people have not received the diagnosis they need because health clinics remained closed through the lockdown. 

More Accidents On The Roads

With fewer people traveling through the lockdown, you would think that this meant there has been fewer accidents on the road. This hasn’t been the case and research suggests that the opposite has been true. There have been more cases of drivers simply not paying attention to road dangers or even ignoring them completely.

It seems that the 20 percent unemployment rate hasn’t stopped people from traveling in key locations and when they do they are not taking the right safety measures such as wearing a seatbelt. However, it’s not all bad news. 

Less Pollution 

Through the lockdown, there was a sharp reduction in levels of pollution in key areas across the world. Indeed, many residents were delighted to find that their skies were no longer covered by thick smog. As well as this, the reduction in levels of pollution has also helped ensure that wildlife has been able to return to key areas of the world that it hasn’t been seen in for years.

Unfortunately, pollution levels did start to rise again almost as soon as the lockdown was lifted in key locations. 

The Rich Get Richer

You might think that everyone suffered a massive economic blow during the coroavirus pandemic. However, this wasn’t the case and many savvy investors were able to immediately increase their investment. While many people were buying up the toilet paper, stock market investors were selling and buying the right stocks. The impact had an unprecedented effect on stock market prices. It allowed those with enough capital to seize massive profits and avoid the panic completely. Unfortunately, most of the people who benefited from this situation were already rich, to begin with. You can’t play the game unless you already have money in your hands. 

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As you can seem there have been numerous impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic beyond some businesses shutting their doors. It has pushed people into desperate situations and in some cases made them more willing to take risks in their life rather than continue to play it safe. 


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