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These secrets will help you manage your mental health during lockdown

During the times of the novel coronavirus, it is not the easiest task to restrict yourself from the negative news that might put you in a gloomy mood. But how to stay a happy person in the period when pessimistic messages are bombarding you from every side?

By Michelle Miller

The human psyche is more fragile and vulnerable than you can imagine. One day, you feel like a strong and unbreakable giant and the other- you bitterly cry into the pillow. Many factors can trigger and harm our mental health: problems at work, family issues, or other life obstacles.

Sometimes, nothing happens to us personally. But melancholy and gloomy mood still haunt us. What is the reason for it? What pushes the bottom that makes us feel unhappy?

Many psychologists say that human consciousness is very similar to a tape recorder. Every day, we hear the voices of others, and subconsciously ‘record’ them. What we hear and see directly influences how we feel internally.

If the data we receive bears only pessimism, sooner or later, it embeds into our own stream of thoughts. We become the source of negativity for ourselves and the people around us.

During the times of the novel coronavirus, it is not the easiest task to restrict yourself from the negative news that might put you in a gloomy mood. But how to stay a happy person in the period when pessimistic messages are bombarding you from every side?

Create Your Personal Source Of A Good Mood

You need to cut off all the sources of negative news around you. Don’t consume a lot of information regarding the Coronavirus. Yes, it’s essential to stay updated. But the price of reading every post on Facebook and watching every video on YouTube about the pandemic is the deterioration of your mental well-being. Do you really want this?

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Each person should have a source from which they can take positive energy. You can boost your good mood by reading the books you love, watching favorite movies, or eating tasty food.

Many people say that they feel blissful after spending time with their partners. Indeed, having warm conversations with the person you love can make the gloomiest day seem sunny. 

Making love is also one of the best mood boosters. The endorphins released during this process are one of the best treatments for depression and anxiety. Nowadays, you even don’t need a partner to undergo this ‘special therapy.’ Many people admit that realistic sex dolls also can do this job perfectly well.

If lovemaking is not a good option for you, there are many other ways to make a good mood come back to you. Which food do you like the most? Milk chocolate? Or, maybe, a greek salad? It has been proven that what we eat has a direct influence on how we feel emotionally. Let yourself have the dish you love at least sometimes. Spoil yourself a little bit. 

Remember That People Lie

Probably everyone has this friend that learned a new language during the lockdown, lost 10 lbs, bakes pavlova almost every day, and now doesn’t stop bragging about it on Instagram. Remember, this person lies. 

Most likely, they also watch movies on Netflix for the whole day, wear the same pajamas a couple of days in a row and have a terrible mess in their rooms. Instagram or Facebook never shows you the real picture. Bear this in mind and don’t feel the pressure from others to do something extraordinary too. 

Even if someone you know indeed copes with the lockdown very well and uses this time in a very productive way, you should remember that there is nothing wrong about not being able to throw a stressful for the humanity time into the period of overachievement.

Take it easy, and don’t set unrealistic expectations on yourself because of the pressure from others. Don’t let yourself get deceived by the photos on social media. They might be fake and pretentious.

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Don’t Turn Your House Into A Pajama Party

Remember that our exterior always influences the interior. Therefore, if you expect to feel harmony with yourself when your hair is greasy and you are wearing pajamas all-day round, Houston, we have a problem. 

Who made this annoying rule that you should not wear beautiful clothes at home? If it makes you feel awesome, you definitely should. Rules are made to be broken. If there is a shirt or trousers that make you more confident, don’t let them gather dust in the closet. Wear them asap.

Right now, anything that can improve the way you feel is the strategy that has a right to exist. Even if others say that this is ridiculous, don’t listen to them. If you want to look elegant at home – do it. 

Also, remember to make your house a pleasant place to stay. To not feel like a prisoner trapped within four walls, you need to make sure your home brings you comfort and enjoyment. Don’t stockpile plates and cups next to your bed. They will constantly distract you.

Clean the house and make it look neat. It might be hard during the quarantine, but it’s definitely worth your while. Use some scented candles, decorations, or plants to make the atmosphere as cozy and pleasant as possible. Remember, if the place you see 24/7 is clean and organized, your thoughts will be the same.

Michelle Miller is a Florida-based writer and graduate of UF College of Journalism and Communications, Gainesville, FL. She writes in various niches like sex-relationships, cannabis, health-wellness, etc. When not writing, she enjoys hiking to new places and playing guitar.

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